Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

If I could bring 4 back …. 😢

please this is so sweet my heart

I hope you win the Gabriel magnet since you’re in your Gabriel era

the ~big reveal~ lol

Welcome to my funko family Hershel and Dwight!

Can someone remind me to remind about her meeting in an hour?

I got 2 new pops in the mail that I haven’t opened yet! Pop reveal once I finally finish with this terrible work day 😩

Who are the most despicable villains of :

This cover shoot>anything else

Jon bernthal in law and order SVU. HBD Jon!

Follow & RT for a Carl Grimes themed giveaway! Judith remembers him and I know a lot of fans miss him too! Winner drawn 9/25! - Carl Funko Pop #388 - "Mercy" starring Chandler Riggs - Carl Action Figure

Hey ! I'm only 31 away from my next giveaway! Can we get there this weekend? See photo for all the goodies!

A segment of this fandom on a regular basis make it their business to downplay, belittle, ignore, and erase Michonne from the Grimes' lives for reasons. You can't miss it. So, yes, while some may jump the gun in reacting to certain things, it's always ignored as to why that is.

Give them more screentime Angela Kang. Please and thank you. 🙏

Which season 11 friendship are looking forward to seeing more of?

There's one character I want to see visit that bakery.

Judith: I’m afraid I’m going to forget them

Tomi is a thoracic surgeon (deals specifically with heart/lungs/esophageal issues). Calling it now. He hasn't told the Commonwealth he's a surgeon and has to choose between saving Ezekiel and blowing his cover.

If you ask me, Gabriel is making it to the end of the show 👀