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🎸Thank you St Louis for an amazing opening night! 🎨 Order your copy of the show’s setlist here:

This setlist is AMAZING! See you guys on November 2nd!! 🥰🥰

Perfect set list????

Looks like the best playlist....Come to Sydney 😍🇦🇺🥰

Thanks for posting this, Ronnie. I just love it!

My 29th Stones show and sincerely one of my all time favorites!! It was so on point! The Charlie tribute was beautiful and I cried a lot, but then the music took over and it was so perfect. Steve Jordan was amazing. Greatest band in the world. Thank you. I love you so much! ❤️❤️

I loved the show as well, but I haven’t seen as many of them as you have. Incredible energy and lots of different textures. Lots of highlights tonight with Mick’s relentless energy. I loved seeing Keith have such a great time too.

You were amazing, Ronnie - it was great to see you and the band. The homage to Charlie was truly touching as well.

I request “Heaven”.

Buy me tickets Ronnie wood 🙏

I cant believe you guys went out without Charlie. And none of that "it's what he would gave wanted" bollocks. Calling it a day would have been the right and only respectable thing to do

Rockin' and rolling is their life, nobody should ask them to quit.