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[!] Only 4 days left! Get ready, we'll see you ON STAGE! ✌BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE✌

Good morning, I woke up tp MBTI results on my timeline and my mind immediately goes to 😁

K-ARMY OP is saying: I-Lovelies don't be sad We'll also understand (everything) by watch (the live) again with (Korean) subtitles ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's not just us I-ARMYs our boys are fast 😆😭

they're never going to do anything wrong 🥺

If they perform BST and then what? Buff bangtan doing BST and then what? Send help pls 🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳🏳

Guys, the way I understood Joon here was that he was saying that: Of course ARMYs would be seeing a lot of BTS, since they won't be bringing on other artists on stage with them, not even other artists that are under HYBE. That's what I think anyway. Thank you! 💜💜💜

Just to clarify, I think he was saying: Of course ARMYs will see a lot of BTS since they're not going to be bringing anyone else on stage, not even other HYBE artists. That's how I understood what he was saying. 😅💜💜

Guys, I promise I didn't mean to miss the part where the boys were talking about the MBTI! I PROMISE!!! 😅😭 I was just so surprised and I started laughing and I lost track of who said what and... I'm so sorry! I promise it's not because I'm an MBTI-anti! 🥺💜💜

🐹 Let's finish up. 🐻 Let's go do our schedule. 🐨 Everyone, we'll meet you in your room at the stadium! 🐿️ Please look forward to it! It's really the best! BTS: *waves bye*

🐨 *in Namtoori* We'll think of you enjoying the concert in your rooms! 🐿️ I was watching In The Soop and you were using a lot of satoori mixed in. 🐥 It was all mixed. 🐹 Namjoon hasn't even lived anywhere where they speak satoori.

🐿️ Please play with excitement/energy at the concert, everyone!

🐻 In the Marvel Eternal's movie, the song Jimin made, Friends, will be heard.

🐻 You'll be seeing us a lot at the concert. 🐨 Well of course they'll see us a lot. Are we bringing on TXT and Enhypen on too?

BTS: Shall we give them a spoiler? Maybe the first song we'll perform? Maybe the 13th song? Do you know the 13th song? How about the color of one of our outfits? 🐨 Everyone, just to let you know, this concert will really be a challenge for us.

🐹 You know how I promised to exercise every day I come into the office and I've been coming into the office a lot so I've been exercising a lot. *takes off jacket*

🐨 I've ridden my new bicycle a couple times and it's so pink.

🐻 I have a cavity!

🐰 I broke my tooth while eating some meat. But I haven't been able to go to the dentist yet.

🐥 My TMI... I drank coffee today.