Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

- Jesus, this is huge!

I’m just going to leave this here for my 10 followers.

How many times you see this but with different accounts ? ALL ONE PERSON

EDC Live on Lomotif app.

Is this really the official account? Serious question

Looks like the merger was completed. Notice of Effectiveness means assets were transferred to a controlling company.

update, according to the latest 8-K filing, the company removed S-1 filing and will be filing a new form (Form 10) registration statement for spin-off dividend on the week of Oct 25, which will give us details on TYDE dividend. Looking forward to a bullish week!!!

, this is what you need to know about Form 10-12B filing for TYDE dividend spin-off process. Filing will begin on the week of Oct 25. This will include all details and a faster process than the previous S-1 form that management had used. It’s frustrating but still bullish.

This is our CEO This is what others colleagues have to say bout her !!!! Do your DD …you don’t have to take my word 😉

lomotif is valued at 5b!!! Bbig to the Moon!!! Goal!!! Over 40$!!!

Big things coming soon baby‼️

Shorts added to their positions, looks like they are digging themselves into a hole.

Upon completion of the merger, ZASH will become a public company and making Lomotif one of the top global, pure networking platforms to be owned by a US publicly traded company, competing with TikTok and Kuaishou in the space.

This is They raising bar with every step, every PR, every event.

I hope all people who attended this event will buy stock on Monday! Ha ha 🤑🤩🥳👊 Valuation is $5bln and currently is available at $5.66 …. You must buy it on Monday before reach moon after submission of SEC Form 10 next week

I haven’t sold any . Still bullish & confident for the future. Any bulls here with me?

now the market value is 500M $ but only the locomotive is worth 5B $, and she has 496M money in the safe and she has no debt, 10 times cheaper than it should be, a little bit of math a little dd💎💎

If you hold and haven’t downloaded and signed up on the Lomotif app yet, you’ve got work to do!!! LFGGGGGGGG!!!!!

on watch for Monday!👀

This reversal is going to be disgusting….