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Jessica William

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For long term investors, buying great companies when the stock price is outside its lower bollinger band has historically provided great opportunities. Examples:

Selling and not other ad-related companies on this news (actual no news really) seems silly. The plain field for all online advertisers is the same on iOS. , with its big internal set of data of its users, just seems even more valuable now. Long

Which of these will provide better returns in the next 5 years from current levels? 1. or 2. or 3. or 4. or 5. or 6. or

Mobile Traffic Worldwide… & = 🤯

is this new information?

Bought more

Most active flow from Friday: - 66% call flow - 92% call flow - 92% call flow - 59% call flow - 66% call flow

I haven’t paid as much attention to 13-Fs recently but I just noticed AltaRock now has 49% of their portfolio in .

Most Mentioned Tickers on WSB (via Swaggy Stocks) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

FREE swing trade ideas Looking for a close above the 20ema on the daily chart, making it full timeframe continuity to the upside. Please ❤ for more swing trade ideas

This weeks most active stock options

weekly, a good dip buy here. Wave 4 retraced to 50% extension, and the Wave 5 target lines up with the larger Wave 3 minimum target of 412 (in roughly 4-5 months based on the time length of Waves 1 and 3). This count lines up with other Wave 4s in , , and .

Keeping this one on watch

also printed an inside bar, loo for IB breakout w/upside res ~372.46 & downside sup ~346.83

Pt.2 calls above 595.62 puts below 591.11 calls above 350 puts below 342.96 calls above 27.66 puts below 26.12 calls above 755.29 puts below 752.47 🦉TRIGGERS READY🦉

1000% gainers x 2 on Everyone have a great weekend.