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Jessica William

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seems to be bottoming.

Weekly. Closed over the 21 EMA 2 weeks in a row. Huge volume shelf forming. Cleared for takeoff...

PLUG seems to be flagging could break above but my prediction is that it won't and instead break below and finish filling the gap leaving us with a price target of 30. Chart 2/10

textbook bullish inverse head and shoulders Projected PT $45-$47 or an almost 50% return. Clean energy stocks are bottoming..

I like here for a long to take advantage of the forecast 2SD up move forecast for Monday.

Targets are the 100, 1.272 and 1.618. This is one that you believe in or you don't. Entry is above the recent highs. It's getting late and I want to try and get Discord's weekly watchlist narrowed down. Let me know...

Is looking like it could explode. Like hydrogen.

after a strong week of gains, the EV sector is getting smoked. no worries, all part of the long game 📈

Look at those charts wooooooo..

moving higher on volume today!

- Bull Flag right under Anchored VWAP from ATH. PT. 35

Cashed out with some calls this morning. Planning on going with or or eod to sell tomorrow.

Excellent stock and clear buying from long-time traders

, fireworks are brought out when it breaks 40.