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Jessica William

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Faraday-- today said that they are on track to launch their vehicle by Summer 2022. They also presented a nice photo op. Reminds me of CEO! Also infamous Trevor🤣

6/Example: Robotic Door Assembly with Vision Systems Modern OEM Door Assembly vs manual Door hinge assembly

maker will reveal 3 a bus, a sedan, and an SUV on Monday. Here's what they'll look like. It teased the new EVs in a video, but we'll learn more during Monday's event.  via

going on a in my favorite rocket ship.. 📣

Real price will come out soon; Follow price targets....>>>>

this EV stock is strange .

Why is this person allowed to make comments like this. Please do something ✨

Next time pushes up it’s going past and market caps.

yes, I started the pump you mf! LFG back above $7

is one of the most advanced companies on environmental issues, as its production plants also use clean energy. It is clear that there is an inflow of funds from funds that want to solve environmental problems.

Watch the walls come tumbling down as Takes off

has a production line and will be able to generate stable sales with abundant funds and supply lines. In addition, it is the one and only company that can make proposals that can solve the carbon dioxide problem.

sold Lordstown for $20 mill to . makes $210 mill profit holding for 2 years or 10.5X’s or 1,050% return and Adam Jonas says it was a “bad deal”. I think was smart to sell US Rep Tim Ryan weighs in on Lordstown Motors-Foxconn

Closing out , , and positions and preparing to dump into when the time is right

- Last six months, 23 option alerts peaked above 100% after they were triggered by the algo

Peak profit for the last 6 expired option alerts for 280.00% | 245.00% | 117.39% | 1.20% | 350.00% | 34.29% |