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Jessica William

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✅ Consolidation phase completed, maybe set a bear bottom and then the parabolic move up 🚀.

🐻Fellow bears🐻 This was an exciting week. The server exploded with organic growth. Therefore, more details are going to be revealed later tomorrow regarding the date, minting plan, and the website. We aim to build a STRONG community and focus on our art and 🔥

Leaving for the future: 😉

Now this is interesting

Update: Now #1 most shorted stock at 46% via Marketwatch. Still 84% institutional ownership of float (does not include retail) + 1 year falling wedge + Carvana ownership and October catalyst + 46% short. Set up to be a naked short squeeze. How are the shorts so confident?

- Loading up on this one today for a huge wedge breakout looming.

The first blue dot (ATH) has landed! The alignment is wondrous, this is what human psychology looks like in a programmed money.

released this Today! Look at the highlight portion. "Root's Entry into a fronting arrangement with an unaffiliated Texas county mutual insurance company..." hmmm.. guess who else just moved operations to Texas....begins with a T . 👀

2013 vs 2021 Daily Consolidation ✅ First correction✅ Repair out of 2nd Correction 🔃 The Bull Runs 🔃

OMG we hit the top ?? .. I am just Kidding, but i couldn't resist 😄

? Because nothing else comes close except Big 5 🥴

, , , , , , , , , . Friday, they attacked MEME stocks with a same algorithm, they killed momentum on all of them. so short squeeze is dead. market wasn't that bad, they hit meme stocks 5% to 20%, the only exception is !!!!!!

and so it begins 19k shares

They just partnered with recently actually Carvana got the option to purchase 30% of Root in the price range of $9-$30 per share. They are working on an mutually exclusive deal to deploy embedded insurance in Carvana app

set to squeeze next Monday. Target price $7.5

and have been manipulated at the exact same price for months by the same funds. Yesterday they were almost a full $1 apart and look where they finished the week. One time is a coincidence, 12 weeks in a row is clear manipulation. Will be an epic squeeze when it breaks