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Jessica William

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Kuora FY2022 operating budget & revenue 🚀

Embassy notarization.

With the recent acquisitions and partnership seems like AAPT is on the right directions. The assets being brought into the company are immense and the next quarter report will be massive. Adding massively at this level as this is a great entry point.

It wasn’t so hard to squeeze the shorts today. Was it? 🧩

Great News to those who doubted $200m transaction‼️🚨Notarization definition: “Is the official Fraud-deterrent process that assures the parties of transaction that a document is Authentic, and can be trusted” 🧩 It includes vetting, certifying, and record keeping🥁

Looking good today

good day to get some it’s going to run so hard when we get updates from

cover... 👍

any update sends it

Short Squeeze happening like last Friday because MMs usually have to cover any shares by the end of each week. 5-day short % = 55%‼️‼️ Watch the stock slowly going up.

had two filings updated on NVSOS 🚨🚨 1- Amendment of issuance of stock (KUORA) 2- Certificate of designation (New board of directors) will provide updates in the following days about it.

that’s WCC dumping on your head flipping back & forth guaranteed

Bought 200k worth more of

Up coming catalysts: - Release the planned roadmap - Reveal the current Kuora management team including a Press Release with new appointments - Corporate presentation of upcoming operations - Engage with a Marketing firm - 315 million OS Reduction - Name change ( )

Who shorted this one today when you know they have $200 million dollars worth of assets?💲🆘

I thought the OTC was going to blossom after Sept 28 deadline and especially heading towards fall? Looks like the opposite! Remember, whenever too many people agree on something, the reverse is bound to happen! The majority never wins.

SS Updated. Again, NO DILUTION!