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Jessica William

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says... “although I know the name I can not say it....” in reference to the 51% stake in CEX that does average of $600M in volume per day.


the dex is not working as speaking!

You better deliver THIS WEEK

It says it is expected, not guaranteed. Details matter.

Let me be more clear… You better deliver THIS WEEK on the name of the CEX that will own 51% of!

Virtuabroker is live 300 cryptos listed plus access to all major exchanges.

- So excited to hear some (what I believe will be) big news on the Conference Call tomorrow!! We may even hear about the 51% stake in an exciting already trading well-known Cryptocurrency Exchange! Exciting Times for !

BARCHART: 100% BUY - TOP 1% 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

ESports Hotel possible partnership in future & states he and Peter Chun of Silver Bear Capital are very close...

what news are we getting tomorrow?

We are still waiting for 1 ticker to lead the OTC bull run. I am beginning to think will ignite the 2021 bull run due to massive catalysts coming very soon: 51% acquisition of a major crypto exchange + its very own launch of NSAVDEX and CEX exchanges. It’s coming…

The meaning of the cryptic image tweeted from on Sunday escaped me at first. Then I had an epiphany: A black and white image of things common in an office. ? Fun to speculate!

He got into because he knew it is a solid company. He got in later than most of us. will work hard to be a huge player in the crypto ecosystem. Yuen Wong mentioned several times, “We are a public company. We will announce things when they are concrete.” Honesty!

Just loaded a Million shares of ... I just want to know why we don't have a Majority Stake name yet? .. I thought we had pens on paper a week ago? Just a Q.. don't rip my 🏈🏈 off

So with Alex out of the way this means one less coordinated dump of this ticker?

NSAV hasn't yet announced the official grand opening-launch of the and a massive media blitz, as we are still making improvements around the clock.

BW started in 2014 as a Bitcoin mining pool. To date, 300,000 BTC, 1.5M LTC, and 2M ETH have been mined by BW pool. In 2017, BW launched its exchange service.