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Okay I'm back the shadowban got lifted imma update abt streams that i updated there on Imma drop them here and be active here since it's my main

Personally, I’m hoping for a Blood, Sweat and Tears performance, followed by a Louder than Bombs, perhaps even a Cypher… since we’re all clowning all of a sudden 🤡🤡😅

GUYS! Remember that you can share your Permission to Dance ON STAGE ticket, so you can make it cheaper! Even without membership, 1 ticket shared is ONLY $23!

. Songs Close to 200M ▪️Make It Right — 199,854,088 ▪️Mikrokosmos — 197,631,027 ▪️Mic Drop (FLE) — 192,372,283 ▪️Make It Right (ft. Lauv) — 189,341,621 ▪️Best Of Me — 187,497,284

I remember back in 2018 and 2019 we always used to shared links under how to make brownies or how to make something with a recipe... and it worked so good with privacy and won't trend on twt or whatever

Remember when we used to share stream links with cooking recipes like ‘how to make brownies’? Go back to that. Don’t be dumb enough to put the name of the actual thing, and especially not the hashtag wtf 😭 Istg do you WANT to get the link taken down and the account suspended???

ARMYs if u can i say if u actually can afford to buy a ticket for BTS PTD Online concert buy it & watch it legally I say if u can afford to buy ticket, u can split cost of ticket & be used by 2 devices, if u can't that's fine we have ARMYs who are willing to stream the concert

✨ has surpassed over 21.2 BILLION streams on Spotify (All Credits)!

✨ Daily Streams | 10.22 Total — 21,201,636,968 [+24,630,175] October: 554,763,775 2021: 7,026,238,068

. 'Butter' MV has surpassed 591M views on YouTube

What BTS are doing from having a stadium concert of 4 days to ytb theater & many more for LA concert BTS been doing this since 2018, they go all for it,BTS always outdo themselves in their concert they show bigger concerts more than their previous this has nothing to do with E

Tell me you are not an army for a long time without actually telling me you are not an army for a long time This is neither new or even a quarter of them going “all out”. This is more like average theirs since 2018, minus the venue

Thinking about that army that said they've been telling their ticket that they are appreciated and loved everyday to validate them 😭😭😭

I'm not forgetting that Korea is literally building a stadium just to meet BTS capacity and demand K-culture Valley will be built in Gyeonggi and with 42K capacity in 2024 to meet the demand for BTS audience BTS been selling out from 40K to 100K stadium now

I really do feel that we gonna get one day a J-hope ft Doja one day it's gonna happen U never know, yall remember how we discovered there's a collab between Hobi and Becky G by literally seeing Korean snacks on an IG story of someone from Becky's team

BTS songs reaching milestones on Spotify: 100M – 82 songs 200M – 25 songs 300M – 7 songs 400M – 5 songs 500M – 3 songs 600M – 3 songs 700M – 2 song 800M – 1 song 900M – 1 song 1B – 1 song

Fastest song to reach 700M streams on spotify by any Korean artist No 1 Dynamite in 185 days Butter is on its 155 day now and it have 625,4M streams We are 74,5M away from 700M streams Keep streaming hard ARMY

Also from a streamer point, all links will eventually get taken down. And that's not hybe/bh intern reporting links, k1swe/ven3wl!ve have an AI identification system that scans thru streams online for c0pyright. So for a smooth viewing experience, it's better to go the legal way