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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

BIG announcement: we are thrilled to introduce an incredible artist to the ecosystem! is launching a very, very limited edition release of a new collection called LongharborNFT. A thread/

Exceptional artists belong on . Congratulations on the auction, John! 🎉

We rarely partner with projects except when it's for a great cause: stoked to support , a charity project for . They're giving away 2 custom skull "Nice" lists— hodl 'em and get an airdropped 🎁 on Xmas! Follow them and weight in on the question below:

Pretty stoked on my floor grab 💀

This Twitter Spaces with is happening today in less than 2 hours! Come learn about how we did and what we learned from it: you might say that is an expert in airdrops now.

Probably nothing. Just following after seeing the incredible deriv Alejandro made. Nothing to look at, just your casual gm here, folks! GM.

Hi ! I’m a professional comic artist new on Solana. I hear you made quite an entrance yourself recently 😁. Here’s a variation of your PFP in the style of my upcoming Longharbor NFT—in case there are days you want to rep different emotions 😈

Less than 30 minutes til our Comic Artists on Solana Twitter Spaces! Get ready for a chat with some incredible artists:

Yeah, I guess knows a thing or two about Airdrops 😁 Excited to be repping Air Support () and sharing what we learned (by throwing ourselves in the deep-end) taking on a month of daily artist airdrops. Thanks to for hosting tom’w!

I still haven’t considered selling Love the long term community and team.

TONIGHT, 7pm PST: We're going to be talking about comic artists on Solana, the shift that's happening in the art world, and anti-NFT-FUD (hint: Solana is key) Featuring:

Gm SKULLS: what are you working on today? (Non-NFT related stuff also welcome! Share your plans with us 😊)

NFTs are making what is old new again. Imagine trying to raise money for a comic book? NFTs are now solving the bootstrapping challenge for artists just like cryptocurrencies did for open source software.

There’s a shift happening in Solana: the comic artists are coming 👀 Tomorrow: join us on a spaces with , , and to talk about comics in NFTs!

Made this brainy monke for the one and only : I've been livestreaming my hand-drawn process for all of my tribute pieces, and everyone in the Discord seemed to love how creepily this turned out.

Live right now: is livestreaming his art process! Longharbor NFT is launching in <2 weeks: Dec 10th, 200 supply, price TBD, and hodlers are automatically getting an NFT from his larger upcoming 2022 collection.

5/ Longharbor NFT, coming soon! Launch: December 10th, 1800 UTC Supply: 200 Price: TBD Twitter: Discord: Website:

4/ The level of detail brings to his comics is incredible. Here's a sneak peek at his character design process behind some of the characters in Longharbor NFT:

3/ 's Longharbor launch is part of our artist collective, and he'll be sharing behind-the-scenes views of his art, process, and the upcoming collection in our Discord Read more about our collective here:

2/ Hodlers of Longharbor NFT will get access to a digital copy of the Longharbor comic... AND automatically be getting an NFT from 's upcoming collection in early 2022— this initial collection is going to be funding the production of the larger upcoming collection!