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Jessica William

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Mirror Mirror on the wall, Changbin's truly one of the most talented of them all. You don't wanna miss out on this collaboration— out later at 2AM KST! 🔥

[투표안내] 2021 Asia Artist Awards 인기상 2차 예선 투표 안내🗳🔥 - 2021.10.28 23:59 (KST) 🔥 남자 아이돌그룹 부문 "Stray Kids" 🖇

📌 You may view the voting strategy below. For inquiries, feel free to reach out to the identified country fanbases below. LET’S GOOOOOOOO 🔥

📢 STAY, please read up on the AAA voting and support the fanbases’ initiatives! Let’s all vote and win this for ❣️

🪞🎶 Make some noise for Changbin and Mirror Mirror!

STAY misses you just as much, if not more, our sunshine. We hope you're happy, getting enough rest, staying hydrated, eating well, and living lots of lovely moments in between. Always here rooting for you, Felix! 🐣🌻

SKZ are really just surprising us with all their group and solo activities left and right these days. Our talented and hardworking boys are definitely booked and busy. 😭

🔥🎶 Drop the tags for Changbin's collab!

I’m just not sure which timezone this will follow but High Cloud Entertainment is a Thailand-based ent company so it might follow their timezone, which is 2 hours later than Korea. Please do correct me if I’m wrong! 😅

This is not a drill: Changbin has his very own Collab with F.HERO x MILLI called ‘Mirror Mirror’ (Prod. By NINO)—dropping at 12 midnight! 🔥

Congratulations to our Big 3!!! Drop the tags for 3RACHA 🔥

Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) Official Fanclub STAY 2ND GEN Recruitment 2021.10.25 12PM (KST) @ V LIVE MEMBERSHIP COMING SOON💙

Kissracha adds another honorary member we'd love to shower with kisses 24/7. Looks like the line's gonna be long for Bbama! 🐶

Developing News: Kissracha adds 3 more equally gorgeous and talented members. Only two to go and Kissracha will become OT8 and the rebranding of to Stray Kiss will be up for discussion with the JYPE management.

And if they add a song called "Kiss" or "Kiss Me" or "Kiss You" in the NOEASY repackage album and then what 😘

Pucker up cause the already heart-stopping Kissracha is out to make us weaker in the knees as Lee Know, Changbin and Han join Seungmin, I.N and Hyunjin.

Today is officially International Kiss Stray Kids Day

Kisses anyone? Warning: this sub-unit is not for the faint of heart. Kissracha leader Seungmin has recruited I.N and Hyunjin—making a strong trio starter. Sources say more members might join in soon. 💋

From Stray Kids to Stray Kiss real quick 😭

Breaking News: members are asking for kisses. The General Public is now booking all available flights to Korea to be able to deliver these kisses.