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A timely and critical brief on 's negative involvement and strengthening of in and its disastrous contribution to violence and chaos. Refreshing to see writing of this quality that is analytically rigorous and does not distort the truth about .

How many lives must be lost, how many young must be brainwashed before the govt realises that the problem of is not isolated—but it's a transnational monster that destroys the fabric of our communities from within with hate and extremism?

Damascene conversion – the knotty religious history of the Umayyad Mosque

The 's Foreign Ministry notifies countries invited to the Stability Initiative conference in , of the agenda through an 11-page document. It talks about a long-term plan, laying the foundation for elections, and unfreezing government's funds and assets abroad.

Facebook said it will create 10,000 high-skilled positions in Europe as part of a push to develop a metaverse via

‘Bold’ titles break taboos at Saudi book fair, keeping pace with change |

Using a nuclear blast to obliterate an asteroid hurtling toward Earth is a last resort. But if a cataclysmic impact is just months away, it could be our only chance of survival. 3-D models are helping scientists prepare for a worst-case scenario.

WATCH NOW-Amid shifting geopolitical dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece has emerged as a pivotal player in maintaining the stability and security of the region. joins to discuss 🇬🇷 foreign policy priorities.

's “security architecture”, after almost a decade of promises, remains a joke and a playground for militias.

BREAKING | Ahmed , Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth, calls on 's Minister of Youth, Fathallah al-, to form a committee to investigate financial corruption and fraud in the marriage support grant.

- on October 16, National Guard (based on intel from prior arrest) dismantled a pro- cell in Governorate (tri-border with & ) consisting of 8-10 militants, who were in the process of making IED to be used in "quality attacks"

Meantime in 's capital of militias, just another snapshot of the daily gangsterism the "UN-backed," foreign-appointed GNA helped entrench and impose onto the country.

BREAKING | The National Oil Corporation () announces the kidnapping of the head of the management committee of the Petroleum Institute and an employee of the Akakus Oil Operations company in , and requests their immediate release. (Statement)

BREAKING | Al- sends a letter to , via Adel Gomaa, in which he rejects his request to stop using the capacity of First Deputy and to be satisfied instead with the capacity of Deputy Prime Minister. (1/2)

BREAKING | The High National Election Commission () announces an important press conference next Sunday 24 October on the December elections and developments in the implementation of the electoral laws.

“Its composition was an exercise in culinary nostalgia, a wistful look back across the Strait of Gibraltar to the elegant main courses, side dishes, & desserts of the author’s youth, an era before Spain’s Muslims & Jews had to hide their cultural cuisines.”

Watch live: Greece holds torch-lighting ceremony ahead of Beijing Winter Olympics

We hope the Greek Foreign Minister Nikos and the other EU foreign ministers stressed to that the must comply with its Roadmap pledge to hold Dec elections. The govt has sunk into an utter disappointment in policy, messaging and optics.

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