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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

‘we’re all here to make each other’s lives meaningful without one another we are nothing‘ i love him okay 🥺💗

Back in business peace n love LFUKING

me seeing everyone with their tickets for liam knebworth 2022 knowing that i won’t go

i'm just so proud & happy of how successful liams solo career has been so far . bc honestly, thats what he fuckin deserves! i love him sm :’) <3

this is actually INSANE what a rnr star godlike rasta icon legend biblical omnipresent prophet spiritual majestical celestial optimystic buddhist jedi approachable zen lover humble man can do! wow!

liam is literally a living legend

My 2 Knebworth gigs, Friday and Saturday are now sold out. Absolutely blown away by the love and support. We believe in One Another see you there, C'MON YOU KNOW LG x

fr guigsy and liam <33 guigs being there for liam when he was feeling down <3🥺

‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ turns 26 today! It was the UK's best-selling album of the '90s, and is currently the fourth-longest charting studio album in the UK, having spent over 500 weeks (9.5 years!) in the UK Album Charts. 🎧👉

i’m proud of liam gallagher i’m proud of liam gallagher i’m proud of liam gallagher

“it’s a naughty little tune but it’s lovely” why is he like that 😭😭

when liam said that knebworth would never get repeated but now he’ll be playing it next year 😭😭😭🥺

Me on June 4th when I see my British mutuals at knebworth

I'm absolutely buzzing to announce that on 4th June 2022 I'll be playing Knebworth. It's gonna be biblical. C'mon You Know. LG x

Listen out for a massive announcement tomorrow morning 8:30am LG x

the prettiest boy i’ve ever seen