Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

เจตนาจริงๆคืออยากเอาวางไว้คู่กัน เพราะยาโทโมริเรียลมาก หน้าแดงขนาดนี้ ชอบพี่เขาแหละ

Trying to experiment with my artstyle so I thought why not use Noah as my little guinea pig ;)

my guess a good 10 minutes. he has so many parts left over tho

how long do you think it would take asta to build ikea furniture

вспомнила что у меня кое-что есть🤔

...umm hello(´。_。`)


Asta drinking hot coco Okay this will be my last time drawing with this art style cause it’s pain… maybe

i had another plan for this but the female anatomy was too much for my pea brain

i noticed i hit 1.5k thank you!! have this yusta i managed to get out once again i love and appreciate all of you 💕

Here's more Asta🥺 Yuno will come soon

first and second attempt didn’t go well i had a lil meltdown im good now. third times a charm !!!

i love these astas so much look at his lil cheeks i just wanna pinch em

wtf asta doing in new york. get your ass here now. im on the brink of loosing myself you son of bitch

i just want to be happy wtf

Mori senpai💞 โอ๊ยๆ นางฟ้ายิ้มหวานใส่ เขิน-///-

here’s Yuno in another outfit inspired by Elsa, next up is the green dress everyone requested