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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

streamer man funky merch [ ]

i miss treasureduo


rockys meows sound so weird HELPPP thats not a cat thats a fucking alien in a cat suit

Ranboo said characters might not recognize the prison alarm, but I'm not too worried! I can think of at least one character with a good memory who was outside + alive the last time anything crazy happened at the prison! :D

i miss tubbo

Thank you for the 7k followers :D!!! Here's my celebratory Draw This In Your Style: ๐ŸŸชFear of Self. Fear of Change Anyone can participate! Rules bellow :]

why is he like this

fell asleep to his stream for a bit aaa

twitch chat /neg

im so tired and hungry ):

what the fuck is pig go pop

what is tubbo on about,,,

when ccs learn that not every controversy is petty "drama" and sometimes content creators and celebrities can just be Disgusting human beings who deserve to get deplatformed !

tubbos singing is so /pos

british school system is so interesting to me bc they have to adress them as "sir/miss" like we just say their first names or go like "oi you" HFJAKHFAJFA

if sneeg did a podcast with ranboo or tommy i would pog so hard