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Jessica William

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John Doe

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yoongi sitting all primly for this entire interaction was so unnecessary,, just so mean of them

i was wondering what war flashbacks evil edits are bringing out of me then it clicked,,, it’s giving me 2013 9gag

it always comes down to sound for him

yoongi’s brain probably packed with hints of melodies, some drum patterns here and there, instruments coming together and possible samples getting drafted,,, take one eeg scan and you’d find soundwaves instead

oh he’s remixing now,,, he wringing out productivity out of every hour in 24h

keep getting corrected in my mentions about my typo *brother but i thought it would be obvious if you watched the vid beneath that had yoongi literally mention he has only one older brother,,, anyways 😮‍💨

just find it so endearing that he’s been so into styling

min brothers pls

he sounds so passionate reminiscing about it too

a reminder that teen yoongi learnt how to sew to customise his jackets with patchwork and got into little fights with his older brothers about his missing rings and clothes,,, a fashion icon

and you exactly get that feeling y’know? the “ah i see” realisation and tongue-tied sentiment behind his hello,, it makes us all feel that misplaced and wobbly sentimentality

i just love yoongi’s storytelling so much like in 134340 you can practically see the scene play out,, the whiff of a familiar scent passing you by, the nostalgia bursting in your gut and when you turn around there they are & you stand in dazed and stupid recognition. a bit stung.

yoongi’s namjoon’s “ah ah anyeong” 🤝 “moshi moshi” in 134340 in i like it pt.2

he can be in chains, bruises, ropes, smirks but the sweater paw is the final touch

but can you blame me

if i have to be honest yes i have been gatekeeping namjoon mimicking to dial a phone and saying “moshi moshi” in that voice

this genre of “the photographer looks in love with his muse” pics

it’s just that you can physically pick up the internal camera shyness & excitement to be on the screen at the same time

and for that alone it’s incredibly successful. most of you don’t realise how hard it is to gain traction by a newer & larger audience when you don’t already have a large following in sk (especially since jmarket is not mainstream there at all) or global market. it’s amazing rly.

yes the numbers can always be better, we should keep streaming harder but i think most are forgetting that ømi’s following came from mostly japan, a rather exclusive music market & he was practically a new name to most. prod suga introduced a talented artist to bigger audience