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yo bro who got you smiling like that? like?

’s XFX also known as lobsters are showcasing their Gucci purchases. According to this lobster, there were way too many XFX trying to buy Xiao Zhan same styles in the store. She couldn’t even squeeze into the jewelry area for there’s too many XFX!

announced the Chinese actor and singer as the brand’s newest ambassador

xiao zhan has always been one of the most suitable for gucci luxury wear! from the beginning he was always able to make gucci a lot shinier when worn by him ❤️ xiao zhan formal look in gucci!

🛑 DO NOT CLICK, LIKE OR RT this tweet/article. It’s full of complete bullshit.

Guys! Don’t interact and engage with this! 100% antis article, using gucci’s heat to black xz with the always old usual slanders …remember READ ALL ARTICLES BEFORE TO ENGAGE!

Captured with the bag—a statement piece defined by its bamboo handles—is new Gucci brand ambassador .

Seen on ’s February cover, wears a bomber jacket, striped shirt and printed tie from by . Photo by: Styling by:

Congrats Xiao Zhan, Gucci’s brand spokesperson who portrays the classy, contemporary and progressive designs. Thank you Gucci for such a great opportunity. Let’s explore the aesthetic journey of fashion together!

Gucci updates Wechat with a new photo! “Gucci officially announces Xiao Zhan as our brand spokesperson.”

I love this collaboration. He looks amazing in Gucci's RTW and the crossbodies have me tempted too. What a great shoot 👍

GUCCI updates Weibo! Carefree and unrestrained, brand ambassador Xiao Zhan wearing animal print denim jacket in full energy, accessorized with mini GG Retro tote bag, retro and petite outlines brightens up the look.

Gucci Weibo Update: "Free and unrestrained, brand ambassador Xiao Zhan wears an animal print denim jacket full of vitality, with a GG Retro mini tote bag, retro compact silhouette with a finishing touch."

New Gucci brand ambassador Xiao Zhan appears in a series of playful images wearing and other statement ready-to-wear pieces and accessories.

cr: 9.25 LJi:/ Gucci多年来一直是我最喜欢的品牌,现在我可以作为海外XFX自豪地支持它,为肖战感到自豪 %肖战Gucci fu制佌链接,打开Dou音搜索,直接觀看视频! i was waiting for them to use this song to show their purchases / collection heheh

[CN] “เซียวจ้าน” กับเซ็ตภาพคอลเลคชั่น GUCCI

LOLLLLLL WE DID THAT. gucci xiaozhan world domination

211022 GUCCI weibo update: xiao zhan with GG printed embossed shoulder bag in his hand which revitalize the infinite possibility of the classic.