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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Autumn colours while in the Colorado Rockies.

If you’re a small creator, a big creator, a creator in general. I support you.

It’s just too obvious that some people buy followers and it’s so sad because those people are the same people that measure their life success by social currency and that hunger will never be satisfied. You are much more than a number. You are much more than a picture.

What good fucking day.

GM, you beautiful, talented photographers. Finally made the big buy, & got the RF15-35mm. Did anyone else get the meat sweats when dropping that $2,600? Cause I’m still sweating. Lol. But it’ll all be worth it when it arrives.

Grab your ComeFindMe tee now while supplies last. On sale now!

So someone asked in a Photography “community” on FB if RF glass wld fit on their 5DSR, & folks attack like this person just took a shit on their holy trinities. Wtf? Twitter Photography Community members are much better & more civilized. thank you to

I will never tire of these mountains.

You can't buy happiness but you can buy camera gear! 🔥📷

Grabbed a EOS R for my first mirrorless camera. Not quite an R5, yet, but I’ll get there.

the last sight of autumn in the mountains

Crouching tiger hidden photographer.

When you drive down an unpaved dirt road, and rocks fling themselves everywhere, while trying to reach your trailhead…

I am loving landscape photography. For someone who preferred live music photography, I didn’t expect to fall for landscape, but I did. And here we are.

To all photographers: Be willing to push yourself to be fully known. It’s easy to hide behind the shield of your photos, but when you allow yourself to be known, you open the door to true relationships and life changing experiences. It’s scary and brave at the same time.