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Jessica William

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John Doe

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"what are your top 5 favorite characters in ffxiv?" i am asked. i brace for the tomatoes being thrown at me. they are yotsuyu, asahi, fordola, zenos, and... stephanivien? wait what

lrt wow... they are also two of my favorites in stormblood...

they were my favorites in stormblood

The whole "remove distractions and then u will concentrate" thing underestimates my power. I'll hide my phone from myself and will still zone out with my eyes unfocused staring unmoving at this word document for 5 minutes at a time dont try me

Estinien texting tataru because he forgot g'raha's name again

dear casters if you are going to eat aoes can you please at least stay in my healing range

well at least mori get slime hat now. OBSESSED with how wiggly it is

th . the . the event. i havent done the event before why was that so egregiously horny

tmi // lactose intolerant bitches have no sense of self preservation. did i have to shit my brains out yesterday after eating this mac n cheese? yes. did i just get myself more? also yes

this is happening in strike after strike right now: employers choosing to cut off health insurance during a pandemic in hopes of getting workers to accept an unfair contract. tying health care to employment gives the boss an advantage every time

that striker says the workers are standing strong. however, he says you should know that because Kellogg has cut off their health insurance, things are getting dire. he says if you want to help them stay strong, you can donate funds here:

imagine being a fresh-out-of-bootcamp garlean soldier and ur assigned to praetorium the one day the warrior of light (killer of gods, destroyer of armies, illegal logger, pants stealer) and 7 of their equally terrifying buddies decide to storm it


actually kinda baffled that people played shadowbringers and walked away without realising that “you are not what your soul used to be” was a HUGE theme in the story

my fav part of post heavensward was alisie and yugiri girlbossing nero

Thy hate consumes thee❤️‍🔥

this is what bothers me. occasionally there will be an absolutely horrible person and people will misgender them because they're horrible and i don't think that's fair. just because someone is horrible doesn't mean you should strip them of basic rights. you're better than that