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Jessica William

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Last month, I was detained outside a press conference. We got back a public records request proving I was targeted for my political views. The report details how the Miami-Dade police and Desantis’ office describe me as a “known agitator” and share my information.

Steve Bannon must be forced to honor a subpoena related to his role in the Jan 6th insurrection. This is bigger than Bannon, it’s about Congress having the power to check an increasingly imperial executive branch, after an attempt to disrupt the peaceful transition of power.

My resolution adopting FaithAction ID cards passed 3-2! Thankful to Broward County for leading the way and Legal Aid for implementing this program to help those who face barriers to obtaining a state ID which is needed to access govt programs, healthcare, + additional services!

New: The man behind $550K that boosted "ghost" candidates in last year's Florida Senate races also fronted a dark money group that helped the state's utility companies fight an effort to break up their regional monopolies. Story via :

Happy to see recognize the Broward community ID program and big thank you to Commissioner for sponsoring the item! Our communities are stronger when everyone has access to an ID.

Senate Republicans blocked the Freedom to Vote Act, which would create automatic voter registration, made Election Day a public holiday and provided 15 days of early voting for federal elections. Republicans want to make it harder for you to vote.

An unelected officer, the Senate parliamentarian, is blocking Dems from including a path to citizenship in the Build Back Better plan. Her opinion is non-binding and Dems can disregard it. We engaged in civil disobedience at the Port of Miami to demand citizenship for millions.

I’m live with my colleagues , , and other Latino leaders to demand real immigration reform be included in the Build Back Better Act. Our immigrants have waited long enough – it’s past time we deliver. – at House Triangle

The last thing that Haiti needs is more U.S. intervention. What we should do is stop deporting Haitians here in the United States.

I’m in the Travis Tritt blocked club 😂

After waiting months for Ron DeSantis to set special elections to fill looming vacancies in three Democratic South Florida state legislative districts, voters are going to court, asking a judge to order the governor to act.

Ron DeSantis has been served with this lawsuit for refusing to schedule timely elections in three majority black state districts in a clear effort to have those seats vacant during the state legislative session.

A bill being pushed by Republicans in the Florida Legislature would make it a crime to get within 30 feet of police. The Miami-Dade County Commission opposes to the legislation.

🔴Live with , , and other Latino leaders to demand real immigration reform be included in the Build Back Better Act. Our immigrants have waited long enough – it’s past time we deliver.

Today’s a great day because I’m going to pass paid family leave for our employees and community ID cards at our HB City Commission meeting this evening! 🥳🥳🥳

Absolute insanity that a development of this magnitude was approved in Brickell considering the level of traffic congestion already in place. Just goes to prove that urban planning is a non-factor in Miami. Developers run the place and own the government.

Some film shots from our civil disobedience action blocking the entrance to Port of Miami while demanding a path to citizenship for millions of essential immigrant workers and an end to Haitian deportations. We can’t build back better without immigrants.

Reminder 👉 we won't ever fully recover from COVID without including *everyone*— especially immigrant essential workers. It's time to create a pathway to citizenship for essential workers!