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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Done with Ko-fi commissions! Characters belong to their respective owners. You all have gorgeous femras! Thank you all so much! 🥺❤️

People being crybabies over the anniversary gifts from genshin this year are really starting to irritate me. This game is literally only a year old, let them grown and learn. Tanking the ratings is real mature 🥴 yall spoiled.

Piece for my other amazing vtuber friend!

Lil tiktok challenge I liked 😊

Decided to draw someone I love very much! Here's their vtuber model 🥰 I had a lot of fun and if you like genshin and other cool games give them a follow!

Made alot of friends tonight at the

Since the art party got me going this is an actual finished piece I did recently 😅

I had so much fun at the I wish I could have done more but maybe next time!

Its ok to simp sometimes

My favs are always raen men >.>

First sketch if the night of the cutest lala

Made a bunboi in my excitement for them being put in game!!!!

Please simp with me over this man. I enjoyed making this man way too much 😅

Love coloring an old piece of mine 😍

Decided to do a snow leopard hybrid and I love him

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