Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I used to skip “Water” all the time (because I’m a fool!) now I clocked it’s probably one of Kehlani’s best songs

thats where ya wrong at💀

That feeling when you don’t secure tickets is trutl awful. The only plus is that you’ve saved money

Around 8.30pm last Friday, Sabina Nessa was murdered. She was on what should have been a 5min walk from her home on Astell Rd, through Cater Park, to see a friend in a pub. ANYONE in the area who might have seen her, or any suspicious behaviour, is urged to contact police.

the respect and culture exchange wow ❤️

Such a beautiful conversation to witness. The parents across this series have been the real scene stealers with their wisdom and warmth.

What a beautiful and encouraging family 🥺

Yesssss toni time 🥂

Wowwwww that house is gorgeous

Uncle 25k !!!

Irene has the most meaningful story from my perspective. Very vulnerable and open.

Sorry but Bernicia & Chiefer 😍

Cuppy has the friendship ick. Once you clock a trait or pattern of behaviour in your friend that you dislike you become hypersensitive to it and everything they now do pisses you off.

They do best hair moisturiser I’ve ever tried 🤌🏿

Wow Afrocenchix doing up the ads. Epic 😍

Sorry but I cannot think of anything less appropriate than a man to be posing topless for IG infographic slides discoursing the murders of women, and that’s regardless of your feelings on the “missing white woman syndrome” conversation either way

I love the way Kidd’s sister says it as it is!