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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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feeding the baby 😭

I finally unlocked this layout and I know it's old news now but god could this man be any cuter! no he could not!!!

⚠️In short I hope everyone DON'T buy any fanart/fan product that's clearly not permitted by the original artists. Don't give money to people who steal artworks. When you can report, report them. It is not easy to stop all, but at least don't be one yourself.

😌💖 here you go, I used to hate you, now I simp you so hard 🥴

Yakuza!au side characters edition :DDD I hope yall can read my wretched handwriting

i'm still working on goth bros and it's so dumb, I love it

It's 3am, enjoy my first animation! Solomon isn't the only tired one. Worked on this for two days straight. 🥴 Jpeg version in comments!

Yakuza!Beel ❤️ He went the easiest of them all, I immediately knew what I wanted his tattoo to be and what his whole vibe was :D Speaking of his tattoos ☞

this is from the Brother Besties chat from Beel's Together Forever card btw

ok but like first things first: ADORABLE, and secondly: imagine Belphie always stealing beel Jr to nap with during the day cuz he smells like beel now


yknow what shoutout to me for drawing that bc it's real sexy

this one’s for all two people out there in the world who thought “I would like to see Levi as a cyber goth” and the answer is yes I AM doing all of them aaaahahahaa

I listen to goth music all the time but for some reason the time I'm actually drawing goth stuff I'm listening to britney spears, why am I like this www

belphie is too lazy for goth WAIT should belphie just be a mallgoth wearing tripp pants and a slipknot tshirt lmaoooooooooooooooo omg

if belphie obey me was a goth what variety of goth would he be asking for a friend also the friend is me

anyone know of any good kinktober or whatever else-tober lists for this year? not that I've ever finished one before, but I am taking week off next month so who knows?