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Jessica William

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John Doe

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This took me the ENTIRE day to make. I want us to make this happen for Will. Plz RETWEET & TAG in ur comments. We've been tagging him since JUNE! Justin Plz MEET, CALL,TEXT, DUET. ANYTHING Will White just to reach out to him. Make his dream come true🥰

Good Morning sisters

Twitter won't let me reopen the poll, so as requested, here it is again for those that wanted it reposted. I was dared to do this POLL.😁🤣 it is.... 🔴Have to ever...🤫 To ANY image of Will? 😅🤪Remember, NO ONE can see what you pick.

The poll has 35 minutes left. Get your votes in. 🤣🤣

I was dared to do this POLL.😁🤣 it is.... 🔴Have to ever...🤫 To ANY image of Will? I'm only leaving this up for an hour, then deleting it😅🤪Remember, NO ONE can see what you pick.

Goodnight our sweet, beautiful Prince. 💙💙💙

I HAD to make a slo-mo version with close ups of those looks you gave It just HAD Ato be done. 🤣🤣I'd like to personally thank you for blessing us girls with so much SB material today..🤣

His new TTs, esp the last one, got me hopping the border tonight.🤣 Who's with me!!! ROAD TRIP! 🤪😜🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 (For all the haters/trolls that take everything seriously, this is a joke, or at least that's what I'll tell you🤣)

Y'all...I'm so...y'all....🔥I cant even form words 😜🤪🤣🤣🔥I'm dead. He left us an extra special present in the last TT. Lord have mercy this will forever be on repeat.

This ... GEEZUS MURPHY. I'm so loving these. Gawdddd. So hot. He's on 🔥🔥🔥🔥today.

Forgot to add, per TTs crazy ass rules... If you guys SHARE any of WILL'S new TTs, make sure to DUET or STITCH it, so he gets credit for the VIEW COUNTS too.

I CHALLENGE MY ENTIRE WHITEYYNATION to come together & get WILL'S 2 new TTs to a MILLION VIEWS in 24 hours. We've done it before sisters💕He has given us SO MUCH of himself & We can't ever repay him for the happiness he's given us, but this is the least we can do for him.LET'S GO

THEN VS NOW I just can't stop watching this


I would just like to say that YOU UNDERSTOOD THE ASSIGNMENT 🤣🤣🤣

I've had this on repeat the last 30 minutes since he posted it. HOT DAMN Y'ALL

You've got thousands of cheerleaders. You got this. You are awesome. Hope we all can workout with you soon.

I need to stop engulfing myself in his old LIVES. I was watching his Thunderstruck performance on repeat and didn't even know he tweeted. Lort help me. 🤣I love that he checks in with us. Such a sweet "BF"🤣🤣

Results of poll shows that 54% of us are head over heels, truly in love.