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Jessica William

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"administrators gave Stock’s critics access to the internal email system to send school-wide messages without offering Stock a right of reply. And those in managerial roles supported her critics rather than remaining neutral"

‘2 people die from cervical cancer every day’ says the advert. Why are we putting up with this shit??? It’s women! W-O-M-E-N!!!

Criminologists, our colleague, , is suing her employer, the Open University, for failure to protect her from bullying. She needs your support. This affects everyone working in universities today. Crowdfunder is here

Out of 175, 149 participants say that domestic abuse isn’t taken seriously by Judges/Magistrates in Family Court

A man who was admitted to the women’s ward at my hospital against my recommendation has been restrained and removed by security today for threatening and intimidating behaviour. He’s not going back. Even the woke staff were terrified.

Here are the 7 Principles of Public Life the which apply to anyone who works as a public office holder. They include objectivity & acting without discrimination or bias. I would encourage those currently attacking to read them

Way too often i hear some people say that the oppression of women in society has nothing to do with their sex. And when i hear this, i feel insulted as an african woman since "Sex based oppression" is part of our everyday life. This is a thread about some of those issues.

Donate.Donate. Donate - if you can. Support the legal challenge to fully wipe the 'criminal' record of "Common Prostitute" for all those who've been bought in the sex trade ..

So blokes in frocks raising money for charity in pubs full of adults is offensive & must be banned but blokes in frocks reading stories to 5-year-old kids in libraries is fine? Because reasons?? Can someone help me out here??

In Finnish we only have gender neutral pronouns. So Finnish gender-people tell what their pronouns would be in English, so that they still can feel special. We live in strange times.

I have just spent 10 minutes weeping with utter joy and gratitude £10k target reached. You are all incredible. I’m totally overwhelmed. Whatever the donation large or small, it’s truly amazing. After years of not being listens to, treated disgracefully, for you all to hear me,wow

This attack on our working group member and academic Shereen Benjamin is vile. We call on Edinburgh University and to condemn it and to affirm their commitment to academic freedom and freedom of speech.

are scheduling matches for female teams against teams with male bodied players. Players can’t object to the mixed sex game for fear of being kicked off the team. Sometimes they don’t know they’re playing against males until they get on the pitch. Outrageous. 1/

DETAILS OF PROTESTS HAVE BEEN RELEASED! Please like, RT and share outside of Twitter! Share the link for the event bright with a jpeg image of the event

If anyone wants to report this Public Order offence...