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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

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this has nothing rlly to do with the au but i just wanted to let you im rlly stressed lately and barley have time to read the updates right away like i used to but i’m rlly always excited for them they make my day sm better ur aus rlly give me comfort when i’m stressed tysm mai<3

im not crying currently, you are

3rd round of 🍀In The Soop 2🍀 ❥ Giveaway ❥ • follow me🍀 • rt & like 🌟 • must let me log into your Weverse ❥ WW ❥ ends at 4/5am pst🍀 (Not sure how many winners as always🤠)

bts making millions of people scream “you can’t stop me lovin myself” and seokjin making millions of people scream “i’m the one I should love in this world” will always be one of the most powerful things they ever did and that’s a fact

do not buy concert tickets just yet, please. wait until the concert approaches and these mfs will have to lower the prices, even lose money, to get rid of them and get back their investment. it's shitty, but it's how it works. you're seeing bts, just wait a little

Oliver Tree is deleting comments on tiktok asking him to apologize to Jonghyun, keep spamming him with comments. Jonghyun needs a proper apology.

is everyone just forgetting about the time oliver tree literally photoshopped himself onto the memorial of jonghyun, who killed himself? are we just gonna let this fucking slide?

ppl always asking when you lost your v card please i keep my taehyung pcs safe and intact


here jungkook loves you <3

“im seeing bts” yeah and i see jungkook whenever i close my eyes. u r not special

biggest flex that i pulled taegi in my first bts album

To all the army’s that will be going through airport security in two months. It is a LIGHTSTICK absolutely NOT an Army Bomb 😬😅

It's been always an honor to make this all happen with you ! Big love and congrats ! Thank you to ARMY and Coldplayers 💜💜 love r, j , s, h, j, j, v