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Jessica William

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This video is worth watching. To think she was only 36 when she died and had been working on Babbage's proposed mechanical general-purpose computer.

Happy to all the amazing women in tech out there. Here’s a few I’m fortunate enough to call colleagues and friends

Ellucian Student Systems conference in Manchester was great and finished too quickly. Feedback: it appeared that senior managers in European area are mostly white male. Interesting to compare with executive team that is more diverse.

Computer programming used to be 90% female. Now it's 20%. What happened and why should we care? Listen to my documentary here. # women

Wasn't today's sunset wonderful? Such a dreary day, and then this! As much as I love photography, it is rare that I find myself compelled to run outside in a middle of Netflix (watching Dissapearance of Madeleine McCann), but today I was. As my friend says, sunsets never get old!

Did you know that women are 47% percent more likely to be seriously injured in a car crash just because all the driver safety features are tested on male dummies? 47 percent! Heard this on Good Morning today, checked it, and still can't believe it!

I wish for willpower to get up at sunrise every day! Everything is just beautiful! Today's sunrise happened at Trow Point, South Shields, Tynemouth. This rock formation is called "Four sisters", for clear reasons. I like how sharp and closely knit together the sisters are!

I ❤️ you Britain or Grannies against Brexit. Restoring my faith in humanity at Leeds train station

We enjoyed reading this - why we need older women in the workplace

Highlight: Head of Google AI Center Li Fei Fei to lead Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI. Li's compelling post for NYT ( ): However autonomous our technology becomes, its impact on the world - for better or worse - will always be our responsibility"

How is your Sunday? Mine is good, enjoying sunshine and watching SLSGB York Rescue group doing their rescue things. The city has been flooding again, and I hope everyone is safe!

I am probably the last one to notice, but TWITTER IS NOW CHRONOLOGICAL! Thank you so much, I ❤️ you , my life is a little more in order today!

Because we all deserve some blue skies today : my favourite day of the year, just a month ago, watching paragliders at Mam Tor. I am hoping a paragliding club soon. Very soon!😁

Because it has been a dramatic week for all of us, and finally, this is Friday: 9 Out of 10 UK Women Would Rather Date a Brexit Remainer

BBC News - Emma Haruka Iwao smashes pi world record to a new length of 31 trillion digits. The calculation required 170TB of data (for comparison, 200,000 music tracks take up 1TB) and took 25 virtual machines 121 days to complete.

We're pleased to announce on International Womens Day that our new Women in Technology group now has a Twitter account - follow for news of the group's activities

My architectural and otherwise first love, in rainy day reflections. This place is Gothic ❤️🖤 My humble shot edited by my friend, a photographer from Bosnia and Herzegovina

programming progression year 0: I know nothing years 1-2: I know some things years 3-4: I don't know what I don't know years 4-4.5: I know *everything* years 4.5-10+: I know nothing

What shall we expect this spring? Flower carpets? Waterfalls? stunning views like on this pictures from the Altai mountains by Helen Tikhomirova?

FYI, is an absolute rubbish. Pay for food and drinks, with ticket prices way higher than . is bad too, every food place closed at 20.00. My first time, not a good experience. Also boarded at B89 and went by buses to A47