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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

*deep breathe* Okay, I'll be opening 3 slots for commissions! Some stuff happened and I need to work extra hard this month LOL

I honestly think Ayato's gonna be the prettiest Inazuma character that will grace GI XDD I mean like... something about the lines for him feels so regal and elegant-sounding... like Zhongli XDD

...I want to try out Sora in Smash too mannnnnn Switch where LOL

Sora is now available for download! I hope you all enjoy. 賬抬膜靽⊿憪!! 璆賬踴嚚

my ass just find conclusion for charm design, time to sleep (ears just additional lmao)

This week, Smol Thoma :) - Doing his missions, hope I have this boy as my family member!

please remember that

//genshin leaks// So 2.4 is back to Liyue huh + a new Liyue character... Might take a while to get back to Inazuma in that case.

does anyone else have an "artblock" but instead they physically feel like they cannot draw, like you've completely forgotten how to draw, your style isn't your style and everything just goes so badly cause that's how ive been feeling for the last few weeks

Trying to get a hold of that Genshin character template for something... LOL

normal tomozuha fan behavior

power interruption sooo I made a quick sketch in Procreate xD

Tomo?! What happened; you okay? Eh?

when your friend has this favorite character you know nothing of but also everything about because your friend keeps talking about them so when you see them on your tl you just go oh hey thats comfort-character-in-law

jhsfhkdjfh I skipped 3 days of daily comms now... x.x too busy with work so... events can wait;;

隤乓啜箝具扎嫘箝整嚗 蟡扎押嫘艾柴扼扼胯艾准潘嚗

consider this my biggest contribution to the bungo to alchemist fandom