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Jessica William

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Hello I'm not new to stan Twitter but this is my first account for kdramas!! I'm looking for kdrama moots and here are some of my favourite shows . Reply 1988 . Hospital playlist . Racket boys . 18 again . Move to heaven . Run on And many more,please like and rt

This!!! EXACTLY THIS!! I'm not even a fan yk but i still understand this:) idk how the whole nation can't 😕

I'm not a fan of penthouse series actually.. I haven't watched any of the part or clips of that drama idk why it's just annoying to me 😭

Coming here to rant cause i know a lot of people on pain and it's hard to describe them... I'm getting these weird thoughts about myself:)

I changed my layout huhu

Good morning everyone~

I wanna sleep but i can't

Ahhh i wanna rewatch so many dramas 😔

Everything aside!! I miss them,i miss them so fcking much


I'm not even a huge fan of kim seon ho but calling him names and cancelling him even after he apologized is a bit weird for me i mean yeah i get it that y'all are disappointed but you can just cancel someone and say these bitchy things to the person you were stanning hardly till

─ reply 1988 (2015)

move to heaven (2021); with voice over of snowdrop (2021)

I miss move to heaven:(

Why's my anxiety so bad:/