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Jessica William

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Alright how about this - if you're the LAST person to retweet this, you get a Collector's Edition of in your mailbox. Is it worth a retweet? Read a bit and find out:

It's terrifying to think that Squid Game was written way back in 2009 but nobody wanted to produce it - studios said it was "unrealistic" that people would wager their life for money... Squid Game was then green lit in 2021 because it was deemed a perfect analogy to modern life.

"Sometimes I think you have to march right in and demand your rights, even if you don't know what your rights are, or who the person is you're talking to. Then, on the way out, slam the door." - Jack Handey

Made a comfy little reading nook in our new house!

I wear glasses. I literally paid to read this horseshit.

Question to the : do you write for the market, or write what you want first and hope it sells? Not planning to read the replies or anything, just want the engagement

Me reading my wife every single tweet of the day's Twitter beef the second she sits down from work

I am very pleased to announce that and I now have a gigantic debt to pay off. It did come with a free house though.

I liked how Facebook went down for a day and everyone flocked to twitter to declare that being liberated from social media was pretty great

I demand someone start a -themed rock band called Armour Class/Difficulty Class

Final bit of context, I parked the car outside our house last week groceries. As I was unloading, some random woman with red hair and sunglasses grabbed one of the bags. I panicked and nearly kicked her in the uterus. It was my wife, I just didn't recognise her.

As we stand at the threshold of a social gathering, my wife will usually take a moment to quietly point out who I know before we delve in. Massively helps.

Don't have prosopagnosia as bad as some, but it is REALLY embarrassing - not knowing if you already know someone, you come across like a dick either way. I've had unknowing ppl say "Why did Zeke act like I was a stranger? What a jerk" AND "Wow that guy was acting too familiar!"

For context, we were previously chatting about how difficult it is for us to watch war movies - all the soldiers are wearing the same thing, it's nearly impossible to distinguish characters. Some (like Saving Private Ryan) work because the actors all have very distinct voices

Message I sent to a friend earlier - pretty niche but I wanted to share this with any of my followers with prosopagnosia ("face blindness"), or those who wonder what it's like:

Ah yes, Project Fear

Remember, folks: if you see someone stealing food and baby supplies, no you didn't

I've found taking up painting has, weirdly, really helped with my writing - super broad strokes to start with then worrying about refinement later. I'm freewheeling through the first draft of my sophomore novel and couldn't care less; it's liberating.

Right now the UK feels like a city builder game where you’ve totally screwed everything up and are out of key resources like food and energy and there are flashing symbols on all your buildings.

I love fishing, but I don't really know what I'm doing. I just fuck around and find trout.