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Jessica William

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눈보다 예쁜 아이들❄️💝

ITZY The 1st Album <CRAZY IN LOVE> Special Edition 💟 D-DAY 💟

Yeji: how was your day? Yeji: you all had a good day today! Yeji: without me!😫😖😣🙁☹️ Yeji: *video* Yeji: i'm angry this baby😂😂

211021 오늘의 말랑이

Yeji: Hi~ is it our first meet? idk would u guys feel the same with me, if i'm the one who first meet Yeji and yeji say this to me, i'd feel so heartwarming 🥺

Lia: as i know all the members are looks like cat but i'm not puppy Lia🐶😊

op: pls say something to fan girls who ready to stan yeji, the stage genius Yeji: unnie will stan me after watching that Yeji: stan me! *cover up the camera*🖤

211021 영통 귀엽고 섹시한 예지의 이쪽저쪽 사행시😘 (소리 녹음❌)

211021 위드드라마 리아 영통 리아의 말랑볼 챌린지😆🧡  

🍯211021 위드드라마 영상통화🍯 本当に本当にありがとう😭😭 私の拙い韓国語で短い手紙を読んでる時、ウンウン頷きながらながら聞いてくれるリアさん本当に優しすぎて。。 また好きが増しましたTT 韓国語の勉強頑張ってまた会いに行くからね😭❤️

Yeji talking about the day she cried during vlive Yeji: i felt relieve after i cry, i cried it out after 2yrs + , i'm so thankful to midzys

Yejis was laughing at herself doing the dance when she was in dance academy😂 click the tweet below to watch the clip

Karina become closer with Yeji and Ryujin when itzy treat them watemelon juice that day our kids are social butterflies 😁

20211021 WITHDRAMA VIDEO CALL FANSIGN Told Yeji that I was having a bad day because of a horrible traffic jam and almost did the vidcall in my car. 🐺: "I hope you will get better..." *start singing Ottoke Song* Such a beautiful soul🥺🖤

Chaeryeong: since the promotion is ended, i will do dance vlive if i have the time i miss Ryeongie dance vlive🥲

Yeji said she reset her phone not found out her passcode. Yeji also mentioned that the funny part is she automatically pressed the right number after she reset her phone 😭😭 Yeji : i was wondering did i try this passcode before? (she reset her phone)

거의 누우면 바로 잠들것같은데?ㅠ 근데 넘 귀엽잖아ㅠㅠ

령이 무심하게 머리 찝는거 볼사람………

211014 현장포토 No.1 of the week! ‘충격’ 엠카, Z세대? ・・・ 이유는 “SWIPE에 취향 저격💘당했ZY!” 힙한 ITZY! 1위 하고 신난 ITZY! 여기 다 있지❤️ ▶️ 1위 앵콜 ▶️