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as a meta comment, it's nice they split the streams with EVERYONE which is nice and provides a really nice collab vibe. it uses the power of playlisting on youtube that twitch can't do. PROBLEM however is finding who's hosting each week.

in addition: if they WEREN'T big streamers (on specifically youtube) i don't think this would work very well. so don't try replicating it folks.

more meta-commentary, but i'm feeling that 'disconnect vibe.' it's extremely difficult to keep up with any tabletop rpg stream if you miss any degree of time. it's often why most TRPG streams tend to fail, cause any session after the first is difficult to pick up

i'm happy that Amelia found a balance between in-character voice and what she's describing. compared to the first session, we get more detail yet not losing the watoto charm. being in character all the time is /impressive/ but can stall out the game if overused

that quite 'jesus fuckin--' and 'oh my gosh-' are the anthems of ANY GM humoring a player, mentally saying 'this is probably nothing' and having the player succeed way more than expected. i have commonly set a dc to like 18+ only for a player to nat20

Ina is making a good point: literally ANY modern person brings a phone all the time. it's within reason that any person has a phone on them. whenever I run a modern game the first thing i do is limit usage of that supercomputer in your hands :3

there's too many stories in the world that would have been EASILY solved with enough communication. Romeo & Juliet being the easiest and earliest example i have. it becomes really hard to have communicative stakes when you can immediately text anyone

it's common with modern TRPG circles to complain about rule finagling. the whole 'this says x can I do y?' and it's REALLY common to just want to ignore this stuff for the 'story' but there're all kinds of games and figuring rules is fun and engaging in its own way

i love HOW MUCH amelia loves dogss. she's ready to jump and kill pretty much anyone (enemies, and possibly that one homeless guy) but will go out of her way to be nice to dogs even if they're trying to kill her.

calli: "this dog is happy and is dancing" tiara: "i shoot the dog. the dancing one"

concerning anything else, Ina can't roll for SHIT. but she's really REALLY good with perception

for all the dog shooting, Kiara is certainly good at developing drama. "in character we have NO idea they're hiding. so we call them" which is narratively AMAZING

can't shoot for shit tho


"unless he has some strange magic you have no idea about" the GM said, both intimidating the players as well as setting up foreshadowing. or literally nothing. best tip for GMs? throw out bait/hooks EVERYWHERE. stack your deck/fill up your toolbox.

ah yes, the players have learned the power of interrogation and threats. you have granted them power Calli and they shall never be the same

ah yes the GM technique "i PROMISE YOU there's no fine print" because the players will NEVER fucking trust any contract that pops up. when it comes to cautious players (seemingly Kiara) the best way to handwave worry is that GM promise

non-trpg thing but I'm happy to see vtubers and cons seem to be so connected. i didn't think holoEN would be touching THAT much content wise with cons but I'm happy to see it. i'm doing crunchyroll expo this friday btw! ;3

kiara trying to expand her business into the World of Darkness. now THAT'S a business woman.

ALRIGHT AND WE'RE DONE SORRY AGAIN FOR BEING LATE final thoughts: great way to expand on this story. as Calli mentioned last time she expected to be finished this arc LAST session. with all the content that just happened, she most certainly expanded her prep

i got to experience the 'trpg disconnect' as many of you might have as well, when you miss any degree of time from the last session to the newest one. it's always disorienting for a little while, but stick with it and you'll slide right back in. never give up.

I really enjoyed Kiara's ability to engage the narrative. tho I do notice the two most proactive seem to be Gura and Kiara, which is neat. Tiara has a bit of protagonist syndrome, but Scout moves to get a LOT done. i expect more clashing between em in the future

if you want more from me, there's a WHOLE playlist of my past threads (here: )

I also have a Youtube/Twitch. just search for your girl dicequeenDi :3