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Jessica William

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Honored to be recognized for the great work of  during the 2022  by  alongside inspiring global leaders dedicated to social change.

Congrats to my daughter True for her first album placement!! She cowrote and performed track 14, “Come Home” on new album “From the Westside with Love Three”

My daughters and I had a magical night at Moulin Rouge. The show is so much fun, and it’s great to see that Broadway is back!

It was beautiful to gather with a live audience at last night, in celebration of the premiere of — I’m so proud of , , , , , and the rest of the film’s incredible cast and crew.

Happy 25th birthday, Sonnet. May your life be filled with Joy, love happiness and the miraculous. Happy Birthday Love Dad!

If you’ve enjoyed my work on screen over the years, you’ve also seen the work of tens of thousands of crew members behind the scenes, who work tirelessly to keep our sets and stories going. I support and its members.

The world has lost two extraordinary film icons, who blessed us with their gifts during our time with them. Melvin Van Peebles and Michael K Williams expanded the scope of stories shown on screen, and their legacy will still live on in the hearts of everyone who sees their work.

Our CEO/Founder just participated in today’s virtual event of on “Delivering the UN Common Agenda: Action to Achieve ”. A great opportunity to showcase the vision behind and learn from other amazing initiatives!

Join me today as I participate in the 2021 Pathfinders event on “Delivering the UN Common Agenda: Action to Achieve Equality and Inclusion” to learn on approaches for addressing the “Grand Challenge on Inequality and Exclusion” .

I’m very proud of the directorial debut of and the beautiful leading performances of and I hope you enjoy Significant Productions’ latest film, @PassingMovie — in select theaters soon, and on Nov 10th.

My promise is to help spark a global movement that will build from the grassroots to pursue our ambitions and aspirations for social justice, shared welfare and environmental health. What is yours?

What is Peace to you? Respect, Freedom, Safety, Happiness... Listen to the vision of peace our staff, CEO and friends have shared in this video for !

Today is and the - I believe that every day, we can choose to make positive actions and display gestures of kindness toward those around us. We can all do our part to make our world more peaceful.

The capture the highest ambitions of humankind. I am honored to renew my participation in our Advocacy Group. I welcome our new Advocates and commend for his commitment.

I had to see the magnificent landscapes of before flying out to back to New York! My thanks to everyone for the wonderful welcome I had in your country. I will be back soon.

Very pleased to be back in Paris to speak at the Paris Peace Forum. More to come soon on a week that promises to be very exciting!

I was devastated by the 9/11 attacks, as our nation weeped together and we saw all the lives that were senselessly lost that day. But on this twentieth anniversary, let our recovery be a reminder: hatred and violence cannot overpower people uniting in peace and love.

As the School of Dramatic Arts celebrates its 75th anniversary, I feel honored to receive the Robert Redford Award for Engaged Artist. I’m excited to see the social change that stems from the next generation of artists at

“Too often, youth are seen as victims or perpetrators of violence. We must treat them as assets to conflict-resolution.” -

Join me and other global allies ( and more) tomorrow at 8:30 AM ET for ’s high-level online event for the International Day to . Live-stream link: