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Jessica William

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, Is this true? Over 52k new cases Nearly 1000 new patients admitted Another 115 deaths Figures via 👇👇👇

HOW JOHNSON’S GOVERNMENT WORKS #371: JOHNSON: We’ll follow the science. SCIENTISTS: Wear masks on public transport and in public buildings, and keep social distancing otherwise thousands more will needlessly die. JOHNSON: Fcuk science.

55 years ago today, 21 October, 1966, in the village of Aberfan, a colliery spoil tip slid downhill as slurry, engulfing 18 houses and Pantglas Junior School killing 116 children and 28 adults. To this day, I remember my proudly Welsh Mum and Dad crying when they heard the news.

I post the following to emphasise just how 🦇💩 crazy and 🐷💩 thick Tom actually is: UK Trade with EU = £294 billion UK Trade with NZ = £2.3 billion I thank you.

It’s time for that big retweet surge again… The video that just won’t go away, .

BBC: Morocco suspends direct flights to and from the UK: Nice to see a Government acting responsibly on our rising COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations and sadly, deaths. Shame it's not our own.

Contestant in ‘Harold Shipman Lookalike Competition’ comes second because he left his spectacles on the bus.

Is this true ? For every £1 we put into the EU, we get almost £10 back. Anyone else curious if this is true? If you are then ask Liz.

Can you give this a shout out, amazing thing they do. Thanks.

Just seen this and died 😂😂😂

BREAKING NEWS: First Page 3 model, who appeared in 1963, found living in Marbella and still embracing a topless lifestyle.

If you have symptoms of any infectious respiratory disease, you should minimise human contact irrespective of what your PCR or lateral flow test says. It’s a British tradition to go to work or your GP when you’re shedding billions of virus particles, and it’s time we stopped it.

…this is the most powerful cartoon I have ever seen..🤷‍♂️☠️🇬🇧🤡🩸☠️🇬🇧🤡🩸👇

I have it on very good authority that Chris Grayling turned the job down. 👇👇

So it’s official, the Tories do have COVID-19 blood on their hands.

Deadliest of Delays: Anyone know why Johnson chose this week to fcuk-off out of the country and hide in a luxury fridge in Marbella? Asking for the family and friends of those his incompetence killed.

“Hey, Siri, show me a Tweet from a Gammon who normally spouts a load of deranged old bollox, but is spouting more than usual.” 👇👇👇

Sometimes when you cry no one sees your tears… Sometimes when you’re hurt no one sees your pain… Sometimes when you’re sad no one sees your sorrow… But fart just one time…