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Jessica William

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What topics should comedians be able to reference in their stand-up routines? What's off limits?

Where is Cleo? Someone, anyone, speak up... please

Does anyone still love Blues music? I don't think it's an age thing (well, at least I don't think so) as I've loved the Blues since I was very young. Robert Johnson....

Will Trump run in 24?

Can't wait to hear a politician when answering a question say - "...a decision is yet to be made, but my opinion is...". So sick of non-answers by our elected representatives. Answer the fuc*ing question!

Do booster jabs apply to certain vaxes only? If yes, which ones?

Now, I'm not challenging this, necessarily, but can anyone explain how NSW is leading us out of the COVID sh!t?

After all the tough talk by about not lifting restrictions, keeping border closed, from 17/12 open slather whether double vax goal is reached or not. Good news for many but all the pressure to get vaxed - what was that for? Who did it because of pressure? Fair?

Question to people who vote in the Federal seat of Melbourne - having been held by Labor's Lindsay Tanner for many years and after his retirement, the seat went to Adam Bandt - is he still the best candidate for Melbourne?

What is going on with prices at petrol bowser? Although we have been (reluctantly) accepting so-called 'price cycle' reasoning for years, I'm sure this was not always so - anyone confirm? Funny how high point always aligns with holidays. Govts get a slice thru excise don't they?

Is Albanese the best choice to lead Labor at the next election?

Prayers for the missing little girl in WA. I hope there's a happy ending and hope abduction is not a reason for her disappearance.

Any updates on the unknown NZ terrorist? After the Christchurch terrorist attack we had much government and MSM discussion. ..

Just heard some nutcase sprayed a Walk For Daniel poster - I can't think of any justification, can anyone in Twittersville?

When Islamic terrorists are described by MSM as having been 'radicalised', is this some attempt to justify or explain their actions? I don't hear anything like this when your average criminal commits a major crime.

Is it true that the next James Bond is going to be a black transgender person? Serious question, no facetiousness, it is what someone told me. Seems over the top woke, but who can be sure....

If (when?) China invades Taiwan, does anyone really believe US will come to its defence (militarily)?

I see tweets from people I follow in the list of tweets and too often as I read one, it disappears! Anyone know why or how to stop this? Or is this just another joy of playing in Twittersville?

Has any name or other info been given about the terrorist attack on UK MP?

How's everyone's weekend shaping up? Well, I hope.