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Jessica William

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Green Arrow - Alive

Updated my MCU Spider-Man designs 🙂🕸🕷

For MCU Magneto I hope they cast a Jewish actor but I also hope they don’t cast somebody too old, just dye the actor’s hair white/grey like they did for Quicksilver

Next Bond movie after No Time To Die is for sure gonna be reboot since Craig’s era is so interconnected so a part of me is hoping they take Bond back to the 60’s and do a period spy movie

Put them in the MCU you cowards

crayzy how they casted magneto and proffesor x 2 times and they didnt miss once

Eagerly awaiting who the next Bond will be, it’s gonna be a big talking point

Also I’m not saying it’s lazy or a bad decision on Insomniac’s part because I think Marvel’s Spider-Man was pretty much perfect, there’s just some things about it that can make a Spidey fan go “hmm not sure that’s quite right but I’ll roll with it anyway”

This Peter was definitely faced hardships but I’m fairly certain the reason Insomniac chose an adult Peter Parker was to have the Sinister Six at their disposal without having to set them up individually, also so there can be set tension between Peter and MJ

Fr tho, I love this Spidey but you’re telling me in 8 years of his time as Spidey he’s never fought Green Goblin and only just fought Doc Ock? His arch nemesis is Kingpin but he’s not close friends with Daredevil?

Genuinely super excited to see how Spider-Man plays and his story in Marvel’s Avengers

History research actually might make it more offensive tbh

if this post gets 1k likes then I buy it/wear it for Halloween-

In Death Stranding Director’s Cut, there’s a moment where Sam gets a nightmare about a BT in the shower. Does the BT remind you of anyone…? 👀🤔👻🤫

Bruce's arc in Batman Forever is him coming to terms with him being Batman. at the end of the movie he acknowledges that him being Batman is a choice, and that he won't quit being Batman. therefore the title being "Batman: Forever".

if you're going through with that pilot we'd really like this cast to come back 😁