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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Support each other. You will win definitely....God never sleep.😇

Let’s not be silent over this, please I will want us to lend him a voice. They still have his car with them, the car he is using to get his daily bread. If this is not wick*dness, I wonder what it is.

The Western Australian government has offered a 1 million Australian dollar ($750,000) reward for information that leads to the whereabouts of a 4-year-old girl missing for six days in a remote coastal area.

Our arrested reporter, Abisola Alawode, is still nowhere to be found. We put all our efforts to find him. If you have seen Abisola or know anyone who was released today, please reach out to us.

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Since the Finance Minister says the government payroll is full, I hereby announce that I have fresh eggs for sale wai🙏 They're affordable-dm or call 0279635774 to place your orders

Pepe was labeled a flop after 10 games because he wasn't English.

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Be a dangerous man but show compassion when necessary. If you’re always the nice guy, people pretend to sympathize with you but inwardly they resent you to the bone.

MISSING PERSON❗❗❗💔 Please retweet until she has been found . A student at Kumasi Technical University. She lives at Ahwiaa, her name is Sabbathina Acheampomaa. She went out since yesterday and has not return. O55 068 3518

Hello, my mom has renal disease and is on dialysis 5 times a week. She needs a kidney donor who is B+ so if anyone can help or wants to be a possible donor please reach out to me and please retweet to help save her life, thank you all in advance 💞

my cousin is missing, last seen in Pomona

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Help my twin brother get treatment – 12-year-old girl (video)

We had more than 4000 people share the first photo. I believe we can get more than 4000 people to donate 10 cedis each to save 18 year old Anita in the second frame? Let’s do it send contributions to 0555890327 (Dorothy Ahua Niamkey)

Let’s share and trend this for 18 year old Anita. She’s diagnosed with cancer of the breast, Doctor says she needs about 40000 cedis for Chemo and Surgery. If you are touched send any amount to 0555890327 (Dorothy Ahua Niamkey)