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Jessica William

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John Doe

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I have space for a few new friends! I try to open all the gift daily and send as much as I can! Pls send me DM so I know who you are in here and I will add you! Thank you!

Lets goooo.. from the catch 9 pokemon research! This is going to be a level 50 Hypno for sure! One of my favourites pokemons! (HYPNO) Almost a shundo ahaha

BestBuddy ready for mega-Gardevoir ♡

I made a Gen 1 Tier List !! what do you think about it!? what would you change? which are your favourites GEN 1 pokemon !? let me know!

Got this beuty today. One of my favourite pokemon of all time. Amazing!

Lets freaking gooo!! Yessss!! One of my most wanted shinys is finally here!! Been looking for this one since gofest2020...

Got this guy today! Super happy! Its definitly going to be my Mega-Scizor when it cames out!!

Finally catch this gut today! Look kinda like Mojo Jojo! Happy with the ivs!

Today I max my shiny mew to level 40! Its going to stay there for a long time I assume! Which moves do you recomend to use? It has plenty!

To purify or not to purify? Thats the question..

Best-Budied! Took me a long time but its done. Its called Genette bc GENgar and banETTE! Next one will be Gardevoir I presume!

The go-plus doing some work today! First shiny Wurmple! ♡

Amazing!!! Im being so lucky lately!

I got this from reward of GBL. Its normal to have this ivs? I believed it was a min of 10ivs per stat..