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πŸ“’ We are pleased to share the flagship report of the Pathfinders' Grand Challenge on and ! The culmination of 3 years of research on the state of inequality around the world and proven solutions to shape an equal world. Explore: "

⭐️ We are seeking orgs to present at our upcoming workshop via: πŸŽ™οΈLive panel sessions [Translation available if you want to present in Spanish/French] ⚑️Pre-recorded lightning talks Application Deadline Extended to 10/28!

The most important policy document this year, the report is set to shape ' second term and β€” hopefully β€” make the UN more effective and relevant to people’s lives. , read our "quick scan":

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Want to dig deeper into analysis and commentary on ? Explore our blog to learn more about: πŸ‘‰, πŸ‘‰, πŸ‘‰, πŸ‘‰, and more at:

Speaking at , Mayor joins representatives from Catalonia, Vienna, & Brussels to share how Palmira, Colombia is working to understand & combat the root causes of discriminatory violence in the city

Register for the October Dialogue to discuss using data & data-driven approaches for climate-conflict research, prediction, and prevention. πŸ“† 10/26 ⏰ 10-11am ET Sign up ➑️

Looking for an opportunity to work with a dynamic group of colleagues advancing ? We're looking for a new Program Associate to join Pathfinders' justice team! Apply now πŸ‘‡

Our new report, 'From Rhetoric to Action: Delivering Equality & Inclusion" draws on the lived experiences and desires of people across countries around the world. πŸ“– πŸ“½ Watch this video to hear their voices πŸ‘‡

My colleague will be speaking at the Protection of Human Rights and the progress on SDG 16+: Good practices in Latin America and the Caribbean for COViD-19 response being launched tomorrow!

is threatening the between states, communities and people. In our most recent briefing, we examined what justice sectors need to do to help bind societies together and confront challenges collectively. ICYMI: πŸ“–

I am - please share! Do you want to work for ? Reduce structural injustices and inequalities and transform justice systems to meet people’s needs? Apply now πŸ‘‡πŸ½

We have to fix and now – and it is possible! Drifting back to an old normal must be resisted. In our new report, we outline practical solutions to ensuring equality and inclusion around the world. πŸ“½ Watch these highlights:

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Can't believe I almost missed it: today is Happy everyone! To mark the occasion here are two articles I wrote: this one with eight ways that Ombuds Institutes can contribute to the achievement of the

"The goal of my work at is to use land rights as a tool to help women thrive equally." Champion, Shipra Deo, is fighting for by working to close the gender gap in land ownership in India. In case you missed it–

To deliver a new meaningful , the international community must tackle the debt crisis and finance development. For practical, policy-based solutions to address global and – and how to pay for it – read our report:

πŸ—“ Tomorrow (10/14), don't miss this webinar with of , drawing on lessons from randomized evaluations on managing and preventing , , and ! There's still time to register πŸ‘‰

Brazilian activist, Valdecir Nascimento has fought for women's rights for over 40 years. Don't miss our latest Champions of Change interview, in which she told us more about her work and what drives her:

to register for tomorrow, Oct. 14! is hosting a panel discussion, "Leveraging data to address asymmetries in Access to Justice"! Speakers include