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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Your religion is not my burden to carry.

Morning luvs! I want everyone to have an amazing day today. Don’t just think about your goals, but how you’re going to push yourself after you attain them. And how you can reach back & lift up others following your path. Happy Thursday Tweeps 💙

The teachers name is Candace Reed. I’ve phoned the superintendent. cc 😡

Why leave Joe Manchin as a Democrat now when your making President Joe Biden do what u want by watering down the reconciliation bill because of your disgusting GREED!

Travis Tritt is responsible for more blockages than Chris Christie and cheddar cheese put together!

BREAKING: KKK leader, David Duke is jealous Trump and Tucker Carlson get so much attention for their racist ideas. And he wants everyone to know he was racist first. You can’t make this sh*t up!

Republicans know Democrats are not willing to break the rules in order to preserve democracy. Which is why Republicans are confident they will eventually destroy it.

Trump started a social media network so he could personally order his followers to violence.

Turns out vaccine mandates are doing the police reforming for us.

Today I am announcing my new social media platform : Trump Lost.

If you’re having a rough day, remember, at least you aren’t .

Many people are saying is an ass. Those people are 100% correct.

If we want our votes to count, we MUST modify the filibuster now. Pass it on.

Voting Rights or Filibuster CAN’T HAVE BOTH

If Democrats truly believe in governing to the will of the majority, they should remove the single greatest impediment to exercising majority rule. End the filibuster. (And the Electoral College, for extra credit)

Republicans are blocking voting rights legislation supported by nearly 70% of Americans. The vote is sacred. End the filibuster.

There’s no better feeling than finallyyyyy telling someone who caused you trauma that they are a shit human. They deserve to hear it, but more than that, you deserve to get to tell them.

Republicans are not for the people. Today was not a vote on actual voting rights. Republicans filibustered bringing voting rights to the floor for DEBATE. They don’t even want to TALK about your right to vote. Where’s ?

Voting is a constitutional right & it’s supposed to give the power to the people but when we have politicians that only listen to big corporations or their wealthy donors, our voices aren’t heard anymore. We have to get rid of dark money in politics & take our power back!

What a cute couple. Are they registered at Tractor Supply?