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Jessica William

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Get united and take an oath to your soul, to theGod and beloved shushant to keep this unity and roaring for justice would not be stopped untill the pure soul get justice and make his lost pride and respect back to him again ROAR FOR SHUSHANT

I'll b here till SCs final verdict come or till I'm alive I'm takin a leave 4sme dys.Don't kw wen wl able to b bck. Bt I'll definitely cm bck here Want to spend sme tm wit Sushant.. alone..far away frm t chaos.Wnt to find him in2 me Gd luck n bye..🦋

I'm nt feeling mentally well.I've lost my faith ovr t govt,agencies nd judisdiction completely.After Disha n Jiah I don't kw wat wl happen to Sushant.Feeling completely shattered. Bt I'm nt leaving mvmnt or deactivating my acc as I've taken .. 1M 4 Most Handsome Sushant

When will these innocent souls get their deserved justice??? PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS...

Did Rhea already knows that Sushant would be murdered that's why for avoid problems she left SSR's house according to the plan!? PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS

We don't care who they are... To us they are criminals who killed innocent souls... And we demand the hardest punishments for them... PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS...

What happened to SSR's AI & VR based projects? Who stole the patents? The 8 Hard drives were stolen for this reason? PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS


A special CBI court rejected the plea filed by CBI for further investigation in Jiah khan case against Actor Sooraj pancholi Penalize SSR JIAH Murderers

Evidences shows Panchol!'s big involvement in both Sushant's and Disha's case. Why are they still scot free after committing such heinous crimes? Why aren't they being interrogated properly? PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS

All evidence screaming towards murder in Jiah Khan and Sushant case 👈 What is the cause of delay in Justice?? PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS


Is 459 days are not enough to deliver justice in Sushant case?? Is 8 Years is not enough to deliver justice in Jiah Khan case?? PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS

Sushant, Disha & Jiah deserves justice. Their culprits deserve severe punishment. PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS

Is our legal system is Politize?? Is our legal system is Paralyzed?? We demand time bounding update and action from CBI PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS

Who was seen in CCTV footage at Jiah Khan residence?? Is it Baba Panchori??👈 PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS

When will CBI arrest the murderers of Sushant, Disha & Jiah? PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS

The culprits must be punished in the most terrible way. No mercy for them‼️ PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS

Why t crime scene was nt sealed..?? How did t 'responsible' police of M left t crime scene open for all..?? Why sudn't t b charged for their activities..?? SUSHANT WAS MURDERD PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS

Why t ac of Sushant's room was in full blast mode...?? Was Sushant used to with that much cold..?? did u ever confirm it from family or others..?? Was it done only to keep his body intact..?? SUSHANT WAS MURDERD PENALIZE SSR JIAH MURDERERS