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Their Future is worth Fighting For... How Lovely they are.... DICTATORSHIP MUST FAIL.

အင်တာနက်ဖြတ်တောက်ချိန်တွင် မှတ်တမ်းတင်ခြင်း Witness when Internet ShutDown Junta committed &cut off Internet Connection to delay the flow of Informations Please Download this PDF and share each other Sharing is Caring.l

အင်တာနက်ဖြတ်တောက်ခြင်းကို စစ်တပ်က နည်းဗျူဟာတစ်ခုအနေဖြင့် အသုံးပြုပါက ကျွန်ုပ်တို့၏ 'အင်တာနက်ဖြတ်တောက်ချိန်အတွင်း မှတ်တမ်းတင်ခြင်း ဆိုင်ရာ လမ်းညွှန်' ကို ဒေါင်းလုပ်ဒ်လုပ်ပါ။ မျှဝေပါ။ သုံးစွဲပါ။

SAC thugs arrived at village tsp on Sep 25 morning and stormed the village and raided the houses. The locals fled in FEAR according to local news reports.

Junta also sealed off Ko SiThuKaungMyat's house at St, 19 ward, city in the afternoon of Sep 24. His mother's whereabouts was unknown yet. He only lived with his mother. The neighbours also worried about his funeral.

SAC thugs who passed through 4 villages in tsp used the villages as Guides and checked the phones randomly&confiscated sim cards.They also said that they didn't use these sim cards but will burn them due to superior orders.Locals mainly depend on mobile for connection

Video footage of burning down of area, tsp police station on Sep 21 around 4:45 pm. Bravo, PDF.

HumanRights situation in Myanmar had deteriorated significantly as the far-reaching impacts of military coup continued to devastate lives and hopes across the country.>1,100 individuals had reportedly died at the hands of the security forces since the coup

U PaukGyi,NLD Supporter,Gem trader, was abducted by SAC thugs at ward, tsp on Sep 23night.But his body was found on Sep24morning at Road with head shot wound&incised wound at the neck.The police said that he was released at night.

Protest and night Strike by youths from on Sep 24.

Youths from tsp , District took to the streets on Sep 24 and chanted anti coup slogans and showed their support to PDF and CDM movements.

Refugees in Panketu Village Tract, Township, southern Shan State, carried placards calling for "an immediate end to the fighting and a desire to return home".🥺🥺

. looks at financial links between military's top officers & military biz MEC & MEHL👇🏽🎙"Int. community can play an important role to keep putting pressure on military" . Sanction military & military-linked biz!

Multi-Ethnic Strike marched onto the roads with holding banners chanting slogans peacefully protested to against the Military dictatorship. MYANMAR NEEDS HELP

Anti Coup Education Strike Leader, Executive member of General Educa Strike Committee, Sayar Soe Thur Kyaw ( Poet Thar Shar) was abducted on Sep 24 on the way to his trip. His whereabouts was unknown yet.

The schools including Monastery based Schools and private Schools will be closed till 24.10.2021 according to Covid 19 control Program.