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Kim taehyung is so cool in the new fila collection, the face genius indeed!


Omg kim taehyung is so hot in the new FILA X BTS Heat Up The Winter, FACE GENIUS AND ADVERTISING BLUE CHIP TAEHYUNG!

Blue and grey PROD V was played as bgm in SBS FunE 🥺 Taehyungs songs always been played on k-show and documentaries as bgm even his produced song, it’s getting lots of love.

Exactly, taehyung is the face of the brand and the advertising blue chip, he’s always the center of the topic.

Taehyungs smile is so beautiful, must protect his smile at all cost!

Taehyung been used as a study and educational material. There should be a subject about taehyung now 😂 He got not only rookies idols to study about him but literally everyone.

Kim taehyung in Samsung , his smile is so precious 🥺

Taehyungs pictures was shown in MBC, ‘Go to Work Anyway’, a French fan of BTS was featured in a segment introducing a Korean teacher working in France!

Kmedia report taehyung appeared as the face of a global top brand, Samsung&google,the world’s largest search engine company.V has emerged as a representative face of a global company and has been at the center of the topic. He also has been dubbed as “Advertising blue chip”

most successful musician as an individual/soloist as he has made several records worldwide that making him the first & only artist in the world to accomplish such milestone. OST KING TAEHYUNG

The fact that taehyung keeps making records with his self-produced OST,Sweet night&all of his achievements goes under his own name alone. He did that without promo from his company&being played twice in the drama.He’s a self made artist,he showed he’s capable to become

Sweet Night has now become the most streamed K-ost and it also most-streamed song released in 2020 on Spotify by a Korean soloist! Taehyung did that with his unpromoted self composed song. OST KING TAEHYUNG RECORD BREAKING SWEET NIGHT

He’s the member that will come up with ideas.

Visual creative/director for BE album and now director of PTD VCR,the fact that kim taehyung always giving ideas&constantly involved himself in creative process. He has been directing their stage for awhile now. He’s so creative and the source of their ideas.

조성 소식💜 팬분들이 뷔를 통해 삶 속의 큰 힘을 얻는 것에 대한 행복과 감사한 마음을 전하기 위해 조성된 태형숲1호! 앞으로도 팬분들의 관심과 사랑으로 더욱 아름답게 자라나길 소망합니다. 숲과 현판은 잠실대교 부근에 위치하고 있습니다.

Kim taehyung is so handsome even with the mask on 🥺