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Jessica William

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Here’s where you can find us this weekend 🧀📍 George’s st. 📍 Serpentine Ave 📍 The English Market (closed on Sunday) 📍 Shop in Inchigeela - Takeaway pizzas available 1-8pm 🍕📍 At our stall in the square in Macroom on Sunday from 12-5pm for the 🎉

This dry-cured sausage made from premium acorn-fed Iberian pork, is Chorizo Cular Ibérico Bellota. It has a sweet, salty and nutty flavour, with a luxuriously buttery texture, thanks to the acorn diet of the Ibérico pigs. Who has already tried this?

Next up in our Virtual Food Tour of the Lee Valley series is & Come meet the Toons Bridge team next Sunday at but meanwhile here's a little something to whet the appetite

Seem Black Pudding is made in Kerry by Burn’s Butchers. The original recipe was made in the 1960’s and is the very same being produced today. Find it on our shelves 😍 Have you tried crumbling this on your pizza yet?…

Who has tried our N’duja Arrabiata / Arrabiata sauce? Ooo it’s good 🔥 they are on our shelves in both Dublin shops and are SO GOOD with pasta 🤤 top with some grated parmigiano and you are sorted for this evenings dinner 🍝

An apple a day, is what they say!🍎🍁🍎Beautiful Kerry Pippin Apples fresh in to our Dublin shops 🍎🍂🍁 These apples are small and glossy, greenish-yellow flushed orange with red specks, with a crisp and sweet flesh. A good way to start our day !

Some of the delicious treats in our shop in Inchigeela today 😍

Our dairy shop in Inchigeela is open today and tomorrow from 10am-8pm. We have coffees and takeaway toasties with wood fire pizzas available from 1-8pm 🍕 We would love to see you ♥️

We wish that you could smell this… This is the lunchtime favourite N’duja & Scamorza toastie 🔥🧀 Stop by to say hello and grab one today. Find us at: 📍 24 South Great George’s st, Dublin 📍 Serpentine Avenue, Dublin 📍 Our stall in The English Market, Cork

Impromptu charcuterie board anyone? Love these mixed salami & pastrami plates from , now in our George’s st store in Dublin. Add a scoop of our mixed olives and a ball of buffalo mozzarella and you’re good to go 😎

New in to our George’s st store in Dublin, this beautiful farmhouse cheese ‘Mount Leinster’ is handmade by Coolattin in West Wicklow by dairy farmer Tom Burgees. Matured for over 1 year, it has a fruity and mellow flavour with a nutty after taste 🤤

Cream of the crop’s two new flavours, ‘Harry’s Almond Nut Butter’ and ‘Dolci Gorgonzola & Pear’ gelato now in our George’s st store…Yes, you read correctly. A MUST try 😍

When we make mozzarella, we stretch and manipulate the curd in a technique which is known as Pasta Filata. During this process, the curd looses a lot of cream, which we capture and use to make our cultured butter. ​In this way we use all of the milk, leaving no parts to waste!

Got to see my family, have a pizza and take puppy Frida for a walk and ice cream at woods. A nice Sunday 😊

Caffeine is the only cure for the common cold? I don’t know what the cure is for the posh cold

Exactly what Sundays are for ..💭🍴🍕 Takeaway pizzas are available today from 1-8pm in our dairy shop in Inchigeela, Cork 🙌🏻 Takeaway pizza slices can be found in both of our Dublin stores too, don’t worry 😉

Our dairy shop in Inchigeela is open today and tomorrow from 10am-8pm 🎉 with takeaway coffees and grilled cheese sandwiches. Takeaway pizzas are available from 1-8pm 🍕 Call +353 (87) 345 7790 to order. We look forward to seeing you 😌👋

Black mission fig gelato with Raw-milk ricotta

A very happy Friday to all ☺️ How about stocking up on some fresh cheese this weekend? If you didn’t know, our fresh mozzarella is also something we stuff into our grilled cheese sandwiches 🤤 Grab one today from either of our Dublin stores or from The English Market in Cork 🙌🏻

Look at this colour 😍 delighted to be stocking @llewellyns_orchard delicious apple juice as well as these crunchy beauties in our Dublin shops 🍎👑 Grab ‘em before they are gone 🍎🍎