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Sekretaris Protokol Kepresidenan (BlueHouse🇰🇷) marah ketika tau ada artikel yg berisikan rumor ttg BTS ga diakomodasi dlm menjalankan tugas sbg utusan kepresidenan ke NY kemarin. Faktanya : BTS yg ga mau terima bayaran SEPESERPUN krn mrk sukarela dlm menjalankan tugas negara.


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wkwk kalo k-army aja kdg ga nangkep bangtan ngmg apa sampe hrs pake subs, gmn kita yg gapaham samsek 🤣🤣

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Where's Jimin? There he is! My favorite boy 💜

Kenapa si mbti-ku tiap tes berubah terus 🥲 pertama kali test wkt itu debater, trus brp bln yg lalu test hasilnya entertainer, td baru test eh ganti lg.

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Pelurunya putar balik :)

Abis baca igstory michimomo. Hmm menarik.

i never thought it would hurt this much. i guess this is why they say never meet your heroes. it's a lesson for everyone. and i know what i feel right now doesn't even amount to what the victim is going through. i wish her strength and healing from all this.

To the victim, I hope you're getting a sincere apology directly aside from this one. You've been through a lot. Please still love yourself and be well.

i dont wanna see "nah u cant change ur stance on this, u defended him" bc what we did was give him the benefit of the doubt. just like everyone else, we were only seeing a curated image of him, so its absolutely acceptable to change our stance/opinion once facts are presented.

everyone who trusted him and defended him, even protected him until the end, it's okay. it's not your fault. it's what fans do. thank you for your service.

I'm disappointed, the amount of shock in me is the same like everybody else. So, if you don't have a nice / kind thing to say then don't. This is a huge shock for everyone too. Thank you and have a nice day :)

Please know that petition that I qrt-ed was made last night before people know anything, no official statement nor confirmation is out yet. From this case what I can tell is, every person has different feelings. So if you feel like don't, then don't. Nobody force you to.

Guys aku baru bangun, harus sembayang dulu, bangun2 dm twitter full, dm ig full... believe me, i'm shocked as you guys too 😭💔 bentar ya wait

Salt Ent: Sorry for not responding earlier for the issue. We are now still investigating the actual people who post the anonymous post. Since it’s still not yet confirmed, please wait for a while. Sincerely sorry for the issue happened and cause everyone concerned about this.