Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

hello ! just a little check-in :D if you’re too tired to continue streaming, pls get some sleep!! u can always stream later/when u wake up. always prioritize ur health first okay ^^ u did well today mwah <3

i want to sleep

my first space filled with tea

i'm on pretty u and they're giving me a rock with you ad and i looked at the views saw 14M and thought it was for rock with you for a sec 😭😭

what if we beat the cb goal and get 10M ,, its possible

im sweating but freezing help

[17'S THE 8] With you💎

HAPPY 5 MILLION 🥳🥳 remember to stay hydrated, eat well and don't forget to rest when needed !!

playing mafia soon - pls make sure you'll be active for the next 3h - open your dms / follow me so you can be added to the gc - if you can't play anymore, pls dm me and leave the gc to avoid confusion - rt / comment to be added

yeah no i give up on math

okay back to questioning my existence while doing maths goodbye

wait i thought i was studying

still waiting for a cheol selca in this fit

fuck why did i delete the maths solver app

gonna do math while streaming because i will totally be able to focus on my x and ys while manually switching between the mvs on multiple devices 😁😁

i break a little everytime i press [enter] after typing "rock with you seventeen" because of the mv thumbnail

i don't know what to do tell me what to do


2 minus 1 LACED with crack

words can't even describe how amazing ash is, he is unique, funny, cute, loving, warm hearted, and so many more great things i honestly can't even think of at the moment