Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

big fan of kintsugi!

I really had such an amazing time at Miraval, AZ. got back on track with wellness and workouts and healing and food. 10/10 will go again

Here we go !! Baby’s first iBook

Oops 4 lol

I dunno if anyone else gets carsick but I do and these work!! Put behind your ear. not an ad. just trying to help!

the table slap at the end

he loves the joke “why didn’t the melons get married / because they cantelope” so he made it his own

I’m gonna delete this so fast but honestly this tweet, from someone with tens of thousands of followers, is about to make me lose my mind. It is fully okay to point out that loved ones might be the most aggrieved at this loss. What is wrong with you.

gotta be the most literal dance on the tok

this is not the life for me

Ohio voters, please do whatever you can to elect literally anyone other than these two to the senate.

there are more mosquitos in Arizona than anywhere I’ve ever been. How on earth. So dry!!

Sorry i meant to add she’s so excited that she can read this book! John and I are so proud and happy for her, she is truly so proud of herself, it is the sweetest.

Luna has been so hard on herself for not being able to read yet. She keeps asking people to record her reading. They’re my favorite videos 😭

omg I just casually mentioned I was checked for scoliosis all throughout elementary school where we removed our shirts and bent over and no one at my dinner knows what I’m talking about. was I the only one!? oh god was I the only one

uhhh is the google search bar being on the bottom a new phone thing or an error (I’m reading an old story about food lion bleaching their rotten meat my god) I HATE it.

my algorithm on instagram is very horny for the men of squid games. all because i mayyyy have liked 87 videos of gong yoo by accident