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Jessica William

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We are just FIVE days away from our end-of-quarter deadline. We're coming up on 2022 & the left is going to be up to all their tricks to keep their House majority! Donate to my campaign so we can keep this seat & take back the House!

58% of people say that Biden is not mentally or physically capable of being President. I'm going to wager that the other 42% have not had the chance to see a Biden speech.

If Pete Buttigieg isn't careful, he'll get replaced by Hunter. He's not qualified either, but at least the press won't ask questions.

On the J Christian Adams ⁦⁩ Files Voter Integrity Lawsuit in County, - The Cheating Stops Here

Dangerous attorney general Merrick Garland, is weaponizing our justice system based on political ideology.

Merrick Garland is an authoritarian who is just another “Brandon”.

It’s unconstitutional, so it better fail.

Impeach “Brandon” for dereliction of duty on the border crisis.

Left wing New Yorker doing about the only thing he does well - censorship.

The AG, Merrick Garland is worse than I ever imagined he could be. He has dangerously weaponized the Dept. of Justice so that a partisan two tiered Justice system is perpetuated. Expose the conflict of interest with his son in law too!

Scoop: Blacklisted Chinese tech giant Huawei paid Tony Podesta $500,000 to lobby the Biden White House. Podesta was paid another $500,000 by a Bulgarian energy company that resulted in no lobbying activity.

They cease to be a credible member of the Fourth Estate. There are good reporters, but the final version of the paper each day has driven most of them to other media outlets.

When I'm governor, safety in schools will be my first priority. Every school will be required to have school resource officers on its campus, and schools will be mandated to report crimes to local law enforcement - no more coverups or keeping parents in the dark.

Weaponizing the Department of Justice against everyday parents trying to raise their kids is dangerous and un-American. We should encourage parental engagement in a child’s education – not use intimidation tactics to try and prevent it.

BREAKING: A man traveled across the country with the explicit goal of killing me in Washington, D.C. Capitol Police recommended arrest. They were blocked by DOJ.

Rep. Gallagher’s statement following reports that China conducted a hypersonic missile test.

In the past week, China: 1. Surprised the west with a hypersonic missile; 2. Sent more astronauts to their space station; 3. Violated the airspace over Taiwan; and 4. Announced a new censorship blacklist. This is Biden's response.👇

China successfully tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, Afghanistan is now a terror super-state, Central American countries are sending a FLOOD of migrants to our border, and THIS is what the State Department prioritizes!? What is WRONG with these people???

Amidst the many Biden disasters going on, don’t lose sight of his ongoing dangerous policy toward China. They’ve now developed hypersonic missile capabilities far ahead of our own… and this WH dismisses it as “competition.” China is eating our lunch, and Biden does nothing.

I can’t emphasize how consequential and terrifying China’s hypersonic missile development is. We don’t have the ability to stop these missiles nor do we have our own hypersonic capabilities. It’s ignorant for Jen Psaki to dismiss this as some sort of welcoming competition.